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The News Media

Do you follow the News? What news do you follow? Why do you follow the news? These are important questions, more important than you might think at first glance. There are roughly speaking two categories of news outlets. They are called the main stream media and the alternative media. What these media channels offer can… Read More »

Are you an info junkie?

It is hard not to be a info junkie in this day and age where information overload is rampant. As I take in a lot of information while not always considering its value I asked myself: ‘Am I an info junkie?’ After thinking this over for a while I must admit that to a certain… Read More »

My Blog, is it worth your time?

Why would you want to take a look at my blog? There are so many blogs on any given subject. Why me? Let me answer this question for you. Hopefully my answer will convince you. What sets apart my blog from any other blog is that it mainly deals with the subject of information itself.… Read More »

Freedom of information?

Is this real freedom or is it a curse? As we live in a dual universe it is always both. There is no freedom without restriction. Freedom means not being restricted. Being restricted means not being free. Total freedom cannot exist in a dual universe as it would lack restriction. There is always a gradient… Read More »

Bad News

Should we avoid bad news in an attempt to reduce stress? I was asking myself this question as in some self help programs this seems to be what is advised. Turn off the television and the radio and don’t read newspapers. You will feel a lot better when you do this, is what some of… Read More »

The Environment Vital Info Subject Nr.10

When you take a look at all the 10 subjects you could easily come to the conclusion that the environment should be subject number 1 and not education and you are probable right. However looking at it from the perspective of a human being it all starts with education. This is how we come full… Read More »

Mind Control Vital Info Subject Nr. 9

This is my favorite subject. What is there to be liked about mind control, you might think. Mind control, as it is used, has a rather negative meaning. Here the definition of mind control as stated in Wikipedia: Mind control (also known as brainwashing, coercive persuasion, mind abuse, menticide, thought control, or thought reform) refers… Read More »

Organization Vital Info Subject Nr. 8

The word “Organization” is an assembly name for a number of people working together for a common purpose. Families, companies, churches, associations, sport clubs, political parties, governments, banks, armies, factories, hospitals all fall under the heading organization. Organizations come into existence in stages. First there is a gathering of people. They come together with a… Read More »

Leadership Vital Info Subject Nr. 7

In every organization, from the family to a nation or beyond, we find leaders leading the way. Leadership is what determines the standard of living. Where we find a low standard of living we find poor leadership. A standard of living, in my opinion, shouldn’t be determined by wealth only. There are many factors that… Read More »

Physical Health Vital Info Subject nr. 6

There is so much conflicting information on this subject that it becomes confusing for most people. When things become complex the thing to do is to go for the basics. As explained in the article on subject nr. 3 things become complex and illogical when the basics of a subject are unknown, only partly known… Read More »