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Mental Health Vital Info Subject Nr. 5

Undue stress, can result in mental health issues. Drugs can be used to keep undue stress in check. However when drugs fail, and in the long run they always do, we will generate mental health issues that might ask for more severe drugs. Hench a dwindling spiral ensues. When you read the other four articles… Read More »

Drugs Vital Info Subject Nr. 4

Drugs are mostly used when undue stress becomes unbearable. Drugs reduce undue stress. They change the chemistry in your brain. The most common effect is a more relaxed state. (take a look at the article on stress if not done so already) Drugs as a subject has several ramifications. All the 10 subjects, must be… Read More »

STRESS Vital Info Subject Nr.3

Every subject has its basics. This is information on which other information is build. When the basics of a subject are unknown or not well understood the subject itself will become complex and illogic will enter in. I made an attempt to analyze the basics of stress and I came up with the following. Letme… Read More »

EXCHANGE Vital Info Subject nr. 2

Exchange is my favorite subject because it is very much linked with honesty. We live in a dishonest world. We need to become more honest with ourselves and others and that is quite a challenge to say the least. It takes some guts to go for honesty. But honesty is not the subject I want… Read More »

EDUCATION Vital Info Subject nr.1

We humans need far more education if we compare us with our friends in the animal kingdom. There is no doubt about that. In fact, due to the rapid changing world we live in today, we are more and more growing accustomed to being educated throughout our entire lifespan. Education is the first subject of… Read More »

Can Affiliate Marketers Save The World?

‘You must be joking’, you might think. Well, I am not joking, in fact I am quite serious. I happen to believe that affiliate marketers have a better chance to improve circumstances in this world than all current endeavors combined. Let me explain. Affiliate marketers can choose which company or organization they support. They can… Read More »


The subject of “information” has caught my interest for quite some years now. I belief we do not evaluate information as we should. We usually value information when it is beneficial to ourselves or to our loved once. We also evaluate information on the type of emotional response it produces in us. We consider it… Read More »