EXCHANGE Vital Info Subject nr. 2

By | December 18, 2014

Exchange is my favorite subject because it is very much linked with honesty. We live in a dishonest world. We need to become more honest with ourselves and others and that is quite a challenge to say the least.

It takes some guts to go for honesty. But honesty is not the subject I want to elaborate on in this article. It is exchange and how it correlates with honesty.

The first things that came to my mind when I thought of exchange were the words “balance” and “imbalance”. You give something (imbalance) and you get something (balance). When we exchange among each other we experience balance and imbalance.

Crime (dishonesty) could be defined as taking without giving. When you kill someone you take his life (imbalance) and you cannot give it back to him.

People exchange with products and services in an attempt to experience balance. When you care for someone you tend to give and when you don’t care about someone you tend to take from him or her.

There is much more to this but I just want to give you some basic data on the subject exchange.
Whether in a criminal way or in an honest way we always strive for balance. The criminal mind wants to get without giving but is still striving for balance. The criminal has a somewhat crooked way of thinking. He feels out of balance with others because others have things he doesn’t have. In order to rectify the imbalance, he feels exists, he takes without giving.

Balance is a somewhat illusionary state of existence as nothing stays the same. All things are in a constant motion. For example: in bookkeeping the balance sheet is never in balance.

Possession and debt are either increasing or decreasing. When your bookkeeper produces a balance sheet at the end of a certain period the possession and debt columns are in balance. But that is because he makes it look like they are in balance, but actually they never are.

Balance is an illusion yet we all strive for it. Because existence is in a constant change balance cannot exist. From this we can conclude that all of existence is in a state of imbalance.

Whether imbalance is considered honest or dishonest is determined by agreement. When you accept a job you have an agreement with the company you work for. When you deliver as agreed upon you are considered honest and when don’t you are considered dishonest.

In subject nr. 1 I wrote about education. How important education is to the human civilization and all that sort of things. The fact is that education is what makes exchange possible. Proper education on vital information will produce people that contribute toward each other. Greed and crime would not be allowed to exist.

Exchange is a somewhat neclected term. I belief  that this subject should be a part fo every school curriculum. Dishonesty can rip a civilization apart.

This is just my viewpoint on it. You might think differently about this. I am always interested to learn how others look at this. You are welcome to share your opinion.

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