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Open letter to small business owners

I know, it’s a long letter. Five pages long to be exact. Despite that, I hope you will take the trouble to read everything. It’s for your own good. The survival of your company and of your customers depends on what you do with this information. What is dealt with here is a very serious… Read More »

Ubuntu A World Without Money

If money makes the world go round why is it that we live in a world of conflict, war, famine and chaos? Do you think money has something to do with this? Money is just a means of exchange. It is people who cannot handle money. That is what I used to think, and in theory… Read More »

Bitcoin versus Maidsafe

What maidsafe can do for the information world bitcoin can do for the world of finance. Maidsafe is still unknown to the majority of people. Bitcoin is a word that most people have heard about. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they know what it is, let alone what its implications are, but they heard or… Read More »

The Centralization of Power

There is a danger in this phenomenon that is not recognized by enough people. When power is centralized it tends to take away responsibility from the people who are under the influence of that power. For many years now we have seen this phenomenon in society were companies are taken over by branch related companies… Read More »


This is not about the world of banking. It is not about what goes wrong in the world due to the misuse of money. This is about the responsibility we might or might not feel when we have a lot of money. In my opinion money could be compared with the possession of tools. When… Read More »