Discrimination in all its facets

By | July 30, 2021

Conflicting opinions can be the cause of indescribable suffering and chaos but in essence there is nothing wrong with them. It is how we react on them that is the determining factor.

In fact, it is not that conflicting opinions can cause a conflict all by themselves. It is the negative response, on an idea that is opposing your own ideas, that causes your conflict.

These negative responses are fully automatic. They occur at the very moment you are confronted with an opposing opinion. There is not much you can do about it when it happens. It just happens whether you like it or not.

It is a response that is coming from the reactive or subconscious mind that acts totally on its own accord. When the automatic response subsides, it becomes again possible to evaluate it and look at it in a more rational way.

Many people continually react on stimuli from their environment and never question their response or their resulting behavior. Why are we so sensitive and what can we do about it? These are important questions to ask ourselves in the challenging times we are currently enduring

But, let’s stick to the problems around conflicting opinions.

Everything starts with an idea. As soon as an idea gets sufficient shape, we start to belief in it. This is necessary. If you don’t believe in it you are going to have much difficulty in making your idea a reality.

Very often it takes competence and certain skills to execute your idea. This will strengthen your belief in the desired result. You invest time and effort, and very often money, to get your idea executed. This is how your idea becomes a fixed idea in your mind.

How are you going to respond when someone tells you that executing your idea is inappropriate, useless, or harmful to others. Chances are that you won’t like to hear this whether it is true or not.

We also adopt ideas from information sources, especially from authorities we trust, and assume they are workable or valuable without inspecting them or doing any research on them ourselves. When we act on the acquired information because we believe the information is correct and others tell you the information is incorrect, we have a conflict of opinions just the same. It will, most likely, trigger an automatic, negative, emotional response from the subconscious mind.

We have all experienced things in our childhood where our ideas got crushed much the same way. Very often these were traumatic experiences that have become a part of the subconscious mind and thus can be triggered later in life.

This is why we are so easily irritated. These subconscious patterns can become active, over and over again, through stimuli in our environment.

Let us have a closer look at what happens in our mind when we disagree with the opinion of others? Is there another reason we so easily get upset or even angry at one another? I believe there is. This reason has everything to do with self-esteem.

Maybe we could compare the feeling of self-esteem with the law of communicating vessels.

Communicating vessels or vases are a set of containers containing a homogeneous fluid and connected sufficiently far below the top of the liquid: when the liquid settles, it balances out to the same level in all of the containers regardless of the shape and volume of the containers.


Let us say the middle vessel represents your self-esteem and the four other vessels the self-esteem of others. What will happen when the others push down your self-esteem by telling you that your idea is ridicules and impossible to execute? When your self-esteem is pushed toward the bottom of the vessel their self-esteem will rise and probably overflow. This will strengthen their belief.

Many people don’t understand why others would want to invalidate or ridicule their ideas without good reason. Whether they have good reason to crush your ideas or not is another matter. It is the way it is done that matters. You can crush someone’s ideas by being rude or impolite. You can also crush someone’s ideas by being respectful and polite. I consider it of extreme importance to understand what is at play behind a derogatory attempt to crush someone’s ideas or beliefs.

When our ideas conflict with the ideas of others or what is generally accepted as true, we touch upon their certainties and beliefs. Our self-esteem is built on certainties and beliefs. When our ideas make people uncertain their self-esteem will decrease. They feel made wrong. In their eyes our self-esteem is rising and theirs is shrinking.

This is what causes compensation behavior. We want to compensate our reduced self-esteem by attacking the people who have idea’s that conflict with how we think about it. By ridiculing their ideas through derogatory remarks, often from a general nature, our self-esteem will again rise.

When we can do it as a group our chance to be successful will markedly increase. Such an attack can even cause the people under attack to give up on their conflicting ideas. When that happens the water in the vessels will again be on the same level.

However, it will not take very long before the water in the vessels will be out of balance again as we are constantly hit with opinions and situations we cannot agree with or have difficulty with. This makes the picture above a somewhat utopian concept when seen as an analogy regarding our self-esteem.

Self-esteem is not a static feeling; it is prone to a constant rise and fall through all kinds of stimuli from the environment.

Everything you think, say or do has an effect on yourself and others you are associated with. This effect can be interpreted as positive or negative, depending on the category one mostly operates on in the scale below.

A Scale of Human Personalities

  • The Social Personality
  • The Less Social Personality
  • The Unsocial Personality
  • The Less Anti-Social Personality
  • The Anti-Social Personality

The Social Personality will be irritated when he becomes aware of having hurt someone. As a result, his self-esteem could be slightly affected in a negative way. This type of personality will be inclined to make up for the damage if feasible or apologize toward the person he harmed in order to restore balance.

The Anti-Social Personality will be glad when he sees that he has hurt others. His self-esteem will rise and the middle vessel in the above drawing could even overflow depending upon how much harm he has caused.

The narcissist, sociopath and psychopath all belong under the heading of the Anti-Social Personality. The narcissist could also be classified under the Less Anti-Social Personality, depending upon the severeness of his disorder.

Probably the biggest category is the Less Social Personality. However, currently human society is descending toward Unsocial and even Less Anti-Social. This means that the Anti-Social Personalities are getting more grip on the personalities above them causing these personalities to be pulled down the scale.

If this is true it means that more and more Less Anti-Social Personalities and Anti-Social Personalities have taken on important positions in human society. We will mostly find them in the media, the government and the entertainment world. For this reason, it is of paramount importance to understand how these personalities operate and how you can detect them.

There are many videos on YouTube that can give you a clear explanation about the three personality disorders belonging to the category of the Anti-Social Personality.

I want to mention three character traits that we can, to some degree, recognize in all four levels below the Social Personality. At first it can be somewhat difficult to spot them. The Social Personality will have the least trouble with this.

Most people on this personality scale are below the Social Personality and therefore have these three character traits themselves. This makes it somewhat difficult to become aware of them in others.

Luckily it is so that we are much better in seeing the fallacies in others than in ourselves. This means that we are quite able to become aware of these three character traits in others. We just need to learn to notice them and soon we will realize how we can influence each other in a very simple, but negative way.

These three character traits form a smoke screen that can fool almost anyone.

Here the three character traits:

  • Withholding essential information
  • Speaking in generalities
  • Stigmatizing others

Stigmatize: To characterize or brand as disgraceful.

We are all familiar with stigmas that are currently being used, “conspiracy theorist” being the most popular one.

Take a look at this article from Alliance For Science. This article is saturated with all three character traits. When you are an anti-vaxxer, another stigma, you might be able to notice these character traits. When you agree with the new normal you will not notice anything peculiar in this article. We are so used to bashing those with a different opinion that most people will find nothing wrong with the way this article is written.

Stigmatizing people or groups of people is a very effective weapon for the Anti-Social Personality to turn people against each other but also to make hiding essential information easier. Speaking in generalities will also turn people away from the more essential issues.

When two people or groups of people attack each other no one involved is inclined to search for the cause of their conflict.

It is for this reason that many discussions tend to deteriorate into stigmatizing and using generalities in order to make the other party wrong. This makes it next to impossible for those taking part in such a discussion to find the cause of the problem that is under discussion.

War could not come about without the above three character traits. There are other character traits that can cause an escalation of a certain conflict but the three listed above are the most effective ones and they are always used in each and every conflict. They are the perfect ingredients for a smoke screen. A smoke screen has only one purpose and that is hiding the essential information that could lead to the resolution of the problem at hand.

In a conflict group agreement will always cause an escalation of the conflict no matter who is right or wrong.

Politicians are masters in manipulation and deception They know as no other how to make use of these three discussion weapons. Without politicians it wouldn’t be possible for the ultra-rich to control humanity to the extent they do. The political discussions form the smoke screen the ultra-rich need in order to further their agenda toward world domination.

All the disagreements between the individual political parties are necessary to keep the smoke screen up. The only purpose of a political party is to give people, following them, the impression that they work in their best interest. They do not! No matter how promising they sound they do not work for us. Together with the main stream media they are the public relations office for the ultra-rich and the big corporations that rule the world and we have no say in it whatsoever.

Most of the alternative media is sponsored by the different governments, corporations or the ultra-rich that are in the hierarchy above these organizations, in order to control the opposition as well.

Most people that read this article can to some degree agree with me until the last three paragraphs. I put them in bold and italics to put your attention on them.

I have a specific reason for putting these three paragraphs in this article. I know by writing this I will trigger the subconscious mind of those people that are unable to question their own opinions and beliefs when they conflict with those of others, in this case me.

For now, it is of no importance for the reader, being triggered, whether the above statements are true or not. The question is: “Did you feel irritated or angry or did you experience any negative feelings when reading it?” That is of importance as it indicates your believes were challenged by these three paragraphs.

How do you feel about the writer of this article? Some might think ‘He seems to be a conspiracy theorist after all.’ That is of course the easiest way to deal with it as it will lessen the irritation or whatever feeling turned on as an automatic response. As soon as we put a label on the message or the messenger, the message tends to go out of sight. We will now put most of our attention on the stigma and use some more generalities to ease our mind.

Let me give an example, not in any way related to the three paragraphs above, just to make my point without causing any irritation.

For this I like to refer to a small episode from a once famous TV series.

This clip from the 1970s TV series “Kung Fu” is taken from the pilot episode. Starring David Carradine as Caine and Roy Jensen as the Jerk.

Take a look, it is only a few minutes. It shows very clearly how stigmatizing results in a conflict.

It also shows how group agreement can enhance the conflict and what happens with group agreement when it is stopped in its tracks. There is no discussion taking place. Cain doesn’t say a word, he just acts in self-defense when needed, leaving the group behind totally baffled not knowing what to think..

When we are dealing with an Anti-Social Personality or a Less Anti-Social Personality, like in the Kung Fu TV series episode, the jerk is causing the conflict through the use of discrimination and stigmatization. The jerk became violent because his words had no effect on Caine.

Caine is a Social Personality who never resorts to violence unless he needs to defend himself. He treats everyone with respect, whether friend or foe, as he learned from his Chinese masters when he was a child.

Social personalities are unique. They are hard to find. They are brave but also modest and always correct. They can be trusted. They never speak in generalities. They have little to no fear and never use stigma to put others down. They have a very high level of tolerance.

The role of Caine, very well acted by David Carradine, shows what it means to be a Social Personality in a very rough environment. It is for this reason that I wanted to use this TV series as an example. I could have taken Clint Eastwood but the roles he played are less social and sometimes even completely anti-social.

Discrimination of certain groups of people who are different from us or who have ideas that conflict with our ideas, are always caused by the three character traits mentioned above.

I want to mention them again, as I find them of extreme importance for the situation we currently find ourselves in:

1. Withholding essential information

2. Speaking or writing in generalities

3. Stigmatizing others

Number 2 and 3 will create the intended smoke screen in order to hide the more essential information that could resolve the issue under discussion.

Almost everyone will sin in speaking in generalities. If someone tells you: “ this guy is an asshole”, he tells you nothing about that person except that he doesn’t like him.

Here another generality: This guy is a tin foil hat who thinks electromagnetic radiation can harm his brain, ha, ha, ha what an idiot.

That would be an example of stigmatizing someone. This is to make us believe that someone who wants to protect his brain from radiation damage by the use of aluminum foil is a nut case or to say it more mildly a complot theorist.

Whether this is true or not is for you to find out. Don’t allow yourself to be influenced by those who parrot what authorities claim to be true.

I must admit that nowadays it is not all that easy to find out whether a datum is correct or not. There is an information war going on between trustworthy and untrustworthy information sources. People don’t know who to believe anymore.

This is quite a problem. However, there are certain indicators that will help you to determine whether an information source is trustworthy.

I want to give you a list of distinguishing features that might help you when you want to determine the reliability of an information source:

I will start with indicators that you will find when studying an unreliable information source:  

  • Incomplete information that gives a different perspective of what is really going on
  • Facts that seem twisted or falsified and when you ask for clarification you get no clear answers
  • General statements used to cover the truth
  • Stigmatizing other information sources that have a different opinion on the matter at hand
  • No source references
  • Not being allowed to question their information
  • Unwillingness to correct wrong information
  • Unwillingness to publish corrected information so those involved can all see that the information was indeed incorrect.

Here are some indicators that you can use to find out whether an information source is reliable:

  • The reported situation is explained as complete as feasible
  • No essential information is left out
  • No generalities are used to stigmatize or misdirect people with a different view on the information
  • Questions are answered to complete satisfaction
  • When their information is found to be incorrect, they will rectify as soon as possible
  • Correct resources are given enabling the reader to find out where the information comes from.
  • They are willing to publish incorrect information as broadly as needed so everyone involved knows that the information was incorrect.

This should give you something to work with when you want to start your own research.

My intention is to stimulate people in questioning their own beliefs. How do I know whether what I think I know is actually true?

The ultra-rich rulers of the world will do all they can to confuse us and put us up against one another. This is how they get their way. Divide and concur is their game. It is how they stay in power.

The corona crisis will not go away. The restrictions are, what they call, the new normal. They will only increase over time. We will never go back to how it was before the corona crisis. That is not me saying this. That is what Klaus Schwab from the Word Economic Forum tells us.

He also stated that we will own nothing and be happy about it. What he meant was that all we posess will become state property or the property of a world government. We will probably be allowed to stay in “our” homes and “our” cars but we will rent them from the ultra-rich who are in power. They will provide us with a salary but only if we behave ourselves and do as we are told.

Isn’t this something you want to investigate?

I really hope that more and more people will come to an understanding of what is at stake here.

Don’t put your heads in the sand. Don’t think this will be sorted out by authorities. It will take the majority of people to counter this by no longer participating in building their own prisons.

The plans for our future are all in place waiting for execution. They are published on the websites of the World Economic Forum and the website of the United Nations. According to these two extremely powerful, private organizations covid19 is only the beginning and it will lead toward a new human being whose body will be upgraded to a cyborg body that is totally under control of Artificial Intelligence. They bring it as if it were heaven on earth whereas it is utter and complete slavery of which no escape is possible.

Are we going to let them do this to us?

Mankind has to act against this in unity and not allow the ultra-rich to divide us in order to roll out their evil agenda.

I advise you to take this article very seriously. We are in deep trouble if not enough people unravel what is really going on in today’s world. The corona crisis is kindergarten stuff if compared with what is in store for us. That is how important I consider this information. Don’t regard it lightly. Share it with your friends and family. Share it with people that have been blinded by wrong information. Your life and your children’s depend on what you will do with it.

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