The 10 Vital Info Subjects

For a short introduction on the subject of vital information you can download a short power point presentation by clicking the link below.


Several years ago, when I was doing a lot of thinking on this subject I came to realize that there were only 10 subjects that were more important than any other subject I could think of. The quality of life is mostly determined through these 10 subjects.

Here is what I came up with:

1.    Education

2.    Exchange

3.    Stress

4.    Drugs

5.    Mental Health

6.    Physical Health

7.    Leadership

8.    Organization

9.    Mind Controle

10. The Environment

All human life starts with education and the fruits of education not only reflect the positive results but also the negative one’s in the environment.

None of these 10 subjects can be disregarded without severe consequences. They need much more explanation than I am giving you here. For a more comprehensive outline on this you go here.

For a human civilization to function properly all 10 subjects must be dealt with in a proper way. Subject 4 and 9 can be seen as safety valves when too much negativity is created in other subjects.

Mind Control should be seen in a much broader spectrum than how this term is commonly used. Mind control is usually understood as a negative influence. We all try to control our mind and those of others. The effect of it can be negative or positive. Leaders use mind control in order to create obedience in their followers.

Drugs are used to inhibit stress or to bring your mind back under your control. Many drugs are not healthy but drugs have always been part of the human experience. People use them when they have too much failure in the other subject.

This should give you something to think about.

Vital Information on these 10 subjects distributed on a world wide scale is what we need as a human species to evolve towards an improved standard of living for everyone here on earth.


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