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My Blog, is it worth your time?

Why would you want to take a look at my blog? There are so many blogs on any given subject. Why me? Let me answer this question for you. Hopefully my answer will convince you. What sets apart my blog from any other blog is that it mainly deals with the subject of information itself.… Read More »

My new E-book Unity Consciousness

Recently I added a new free e-book on my website. You find it under free e-books and it is named: Unity Consciousness. It gives you a rather unique slant on what consciousness or awareness is and what it consists of. Yes, it actually has three undeniable, component parts to it. Consciousness is what every guru… Read More »

Discrimination in all its facets

Conflicting opinions can be the cause of indescribable suffering and chaos but in essence there is nothing wrong with them. It is how we react on them that is the determining factor. In fact, it is not that conflicting opinions can cause a conflict all by themselves. It is the negative response, on an idea… Read More »

The Awakened Ones

As soon as you have become more knowledgeable about what is now happening in our world, you have a problem that can be quite hard to tackle. This problem has everything to do with duality. The word duality has basically two meanings being twofold and two opposites. The etymology of the word duality points toward… Read More »

Group Agreement

When people gather they usually have a common interest. People can also be forced or manipulated to gather but that doesn’t change the fact that they have a common interest. When people are forced to gather their common interest could be to stay out of trouble. A human gathering becomes a group when they all… Read More »

Living outside the machine kingdom

What to do and not to do to make people more aware of the situation they are in is worth considering when you want to live outside the machine kingdom. When all your rights have been taken away, help from others can make your life less miserable. Some might not consider this as an option… Read More »

The Machine Kingdom

It basically started with the industrial revolution. Man became more and more dependent on machines. Right now we are on the verge of becoming machines ourselves. If you think this sounds crazy, you have not been paying attention as to what is really going on in this world. It is not your fault. We are… Read More »

Cryptocurrencies, is there a hidden agenda?

I would like to divide people in three categories regarding this topic. The ones who heard of bitcoin but haven’t got a clue as to what it is about. The ones that know bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and understand that it is a digital payment system that can be used as money or for investment… Read More »

Is it all an illusion?

In my article on vertical time I gave my view on existence. I consider existence to consist of at least 6 elements. I give them again in this article for you to ponder upon. Time, Space, Energy, Matter, Form and Event. That is what existence consists of to the best of my knowledge. I simply… Read More »