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By | April 12, 2020

What to do and not to do to make people more aware of the situation they are in is worth considering when you want to live outside the machine kingdom. When all your rights have been taken away, help from others can make your life less miserable.

Some might not consider this as an option as they don’t want to live in the machine kingdom and also don’t want to live as an outcast outside of it. I can certainly agree with that but I refuse to end my life in this world.

I am going to make the best of it until the time comes that living as an outcast is not possible anymore. How my life here on earth comes to an end will remain an open question for me. I just know I am not going to end it unless it becomes physically unbearable.

For those who want to build some standard of living as outcasts of the system it is of paramount importance to form a group of like-minded people around you. For that to occur in your immediate environment you need to learn how to detect like-minded people and how to communicate with them.

First we must understand that there are, roughly speaking, three types of people and there are many shades of grey between them. All three types have an entirely different perspective of life.

We can classify these three types as social, antisocial and nonsocial people. The majority of people are nonsocial. I call them nonsocial for the lack of a better term. By nonsocial I mean that they can be both antisocial or social depending on how they are programmed. They are also called empty vessels utterly unable to think for themselves and perfectly ready to join the machine kingdom.

In order to form a group you need social people but you can use nonsocial people as well when they are socially programmed or when you can change their programming if they are programmed in an antisocial manner. In most cases this is not easy to do and you might be wasting your time with them. There will probably still be enough nonsocial people who are socially programmed and who can be of use in such a group of outcasts.

How to differentiate between nonsocial people and social people?

Nonsocial people do not respond in a logical manner when you question them about their beliefs. They might not know what to say or they will give you a far too general but always illogical response. This is because you go against their programming. Going against their programs can also steer up severe emotions.

If you allow socially programmed nonsocials in your group you give them specific tasks to do. Don’t try to make them believe in your mission. They won’t. They might be willing to help because it gives them a sense of importance that their ego needs.

Antisocial people, narcissist or psychopaths, usually don’t become emotional when you challenge their belief system. Instead, they will try to respond as logically as possible or answer your question in such a way that you think you got an answer but you didn’t.

Many political leaders are masters in misleading people by seemingly answering questions. Their answers don’t pertain to the questions being asked. That is the narcissist or the psychopath trying to confuse you. Giving a misleading  answer or avoiding to answer a question can be used both constructively or obstructively. So, it isn’t always a bad thing to do.

To differentiate between the nonsocial and the antisocial isn’t hard to do. If you get a severe emotional response to your statement or question you know that the person is not an antisocial. The person might even be a social personality who is misinformed and feels uneasy when challenged with his or her false belief system.

In order to differentiate between the nonsocial and the social personality we need to observe how fixed their belief systems are. That is what determines what category they belong to. The social personality will eventually recognize that the information that was fed to him or her was false. The nonsocial and the antisocial personality will not.

The nonsocials can be reprogrammed by making them act socially long enough to reprogram their subconscious mind. The antisocials cannot be reprogrammed. They are to be ignored and not to be accepted in your group. The nonsocials that behave in an antisocial manner can also not be part of your group.

In order to form a group of like-minded individuals that want to survive outside of the machine kingdom you could screen your group members in this way. Both the antisocial and the antisocially inclined nonsocial will go for the machine kingdom, so don’t bother with them.

What can you do to get the right people in your surroundings to join your group?

I will first sum up the less successful approaches that you might want to ignore:

  • Trying to impress people with facts you know and they don’t.
  • Countering the belief systems of others with statements of your newly gained information.
  • Showing disapproval to those not in the know.
  • Becoming agitated because others tell you things that clearly demonstrate they don’t know what they are talking about.
  • Making derogatory remarks about others or other people’s statements who don’t know what you know.
  • Anything you say or do that makes other people think you think less of them.

These approaches are counterproductive when you want to make contact and befriend a person with a social personality. There might be similar approaches equally unsuccessful but I guess you got the picture. Just be nice to them even when they become emotionally upset. Realize you where once in their shoes not knowing what you now know.

Now let’s list a few approaches that might be helpful in contacting and getting to know social people:

Before you can succeed in finding out whether a person is open to new information or a change of opinion you must establish some trust. That is done by socializing. You talk about insignificant things or things you think the person in front of you is interested in. This establishes some trust. Of course, you only do this with people you don’t know.

Only then can you ask questions in order to establish what category he/she is in. When a person is rattling along when socializing you know you have a nonsocial in front of you that can only be of use when you can get him or her to do things that benefit the group. In order to work with them you have to be able to curb their excessive talking when they exhibit this character trait. No need trying to convince them of anything.

They need work and they need to be validated for their work. They will only do a good job when they are socially programmed. Probably, most people here on earth are socially inclined nonsocials. They do what they are told to do. They don’t question orders. They accept them and execute them. This has to be the main reason antisocials have so much power over humanity. Social people have the same power over them but simply don’t realize it. Social people very often have the inclination to communicate with others as if they are all social. They are not. Social people are a rare breed.

Here some suggestions as to what you can ask people with a social personality:

  • What do you think of the current situation in the world?
  • I am not happy with how things work in this world, are you?
  • Do you know of any person or organization that might change things for the better in this world?
  • With the way things are going in this world do you think there is still hope for a better future?

There are countless ways to deepen a conversation. Above questions are just a few examples. The answers you get on above questions or similar questions will tell you a lot about that person.

If you get a response on one of these questions you might be able to do some suggestive questioning like:

  • Do you realize that we are being lied to by most politicians and world leaders?
  • Do you think we should always listen to what authorities say or do what they want us to do?
  • Do you think our leaders know best how to handle the problems in this world?

The responses on these suggestive questions might give you some hints as to them being nonsocial or social.

You must constantly keep in mind that the majority of people you contact are nonsocial. So don’t get disappointed after you contact several people in this manner. Use your intuition but don’t neglect to question them with an honest curiosity.

This way of approaching people is not always easy. It will take some practice as we might be inclined to become interesting instead of interested. If you try to be interesting you want to score with your story, you want to create an effect in order to gain recognition. If you are interested you want to know what the other person thinks.

I sometimes find it  difficult to refrain from telling people what I think about things. I catch myself doing it and then regret when I see that I have driven people away.

It does take some discipline to be genuinely interested in others. You want them to see things from your perspective and so you tell them what your perspective is.

With that approach we will not have much chance to succeed in forming a group of like-minded people.

You only tell someone your opinion when they ask you for it!!!

This way you don’t meddle with their free will. Social people will ask you for your opinion when you are genuinely interested in them. It might take some questioning but eventually, when they trust you enough, they will.
If they don’t ask you anything and keep giving you answers on your questions you know they are nonsocials. You are talking to a mental program. Programs never get interested in the other person, they just run. Mental programs can sound from utterly stupid to extremely smart but they never get a genuine interest in you and what you think about it.

I am not saying that the above approach is the only successful one. You always need to use your intuition and common sense so you can adjust to the situation at hand. Sometimes saying something they don’t know can stimulate their interest. Just don’t overdo it. Stop immediately when you notice a negative response and return to questioning.

If you succeed in forming a group of like-minded people you need a platform on which you can communicate your ideas. You need a platform where social people can safely express their opinions and make plans for the future. You need a platform where you can exchange goods and services totally independent from the machine kingdom

That platform already exists and is tailor made for people that want to live outside the machine kingdom. Using this platform will enable you to trade all over the world without having to participate in the slave system that is currently being erected for humanity. Its success depends on the number of people and groups of people that will participate in it.

For those people I have written the above guidelines. If you are someone that wants to survive and thrive outside the slave system you should give the approach outlined here a chance. I am sure you will be surprised how well it can work. You might also be surprised how difficult it can be to only be interested in others and not give them anything of what you know unless they ask for it with an occasional exception.

Always give them references where they can read about the subject themselves. Ask them for their e-mail address so you can send the relevant information. They will probably read what you send them as they have shown interest in you and hopefully in what you had to say.

Don’t say too much. Don’t overwhelm them with information at any time. Hold yourself back or you will spoil your chance to befriend them. I know many people will find this difficult. They finally found someone that had a genuine interest to know more and they feel inclined to lecture the person. They want to show how well-informed they are. Don’t fall into this trap. You want the person to do their own research and come to their own conclusions.

You can do a follow up in case you don’t hear from the person again by contacting him or her. Again you ask questions such as: ’What do you think of the information I sent you?’ When the answer is positive you might have a potential prospect for your group and you take it from there.

Don’t feel disappointed when you messed things up. Just keep trying to follow the above approach. If you persist you will get the hang of it. But I must admit it can be daunting at first when you try this.

We need to share this article with people that refuse to become a part of the machine kingdom. They need all the help they can get to form their group and learn to use the platform made for them.

Freedom Social is that platform. Don’t look for alternatives as currently there are none and it is highly unlikely that there will be in the near future. Create a free account and start participating in it and at the same time use the knowledge you gained from this article to start your own group.

When enough social people bundle their efforts we might have a future worth living outside the machine kingdom.

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