The Machine Kingdom

By | August 17, 2019

It basically started with the industrial revolution. Man became more and more dependent on machines. Right now we are on the verge of becoming machines ourselves. If you think this sounds crazy, you have not been paying attention as to what is really going on in this world.

It is not your fault. We are being purposely misdirected and entertained so we don’t find out what is in store for us in the years to come.

The agenda that is running in the background is in fact crystal clear for those that really want to know. I am afraid that not too many people really want to know what is coming. We have the crypto enthusiasts that applaud every forward step that brings us closer to a worldwide crypto blockchain finance system and economy. If you don’t know about this new finance system, that is coming sooner than later maybe already next year, do yourself a favor and read this article. It might save you from the machine kingdom.

But first let’s get some idea of what the machine kingdom is all about. It is actually not called the machine kingdom. If you want to search on the web you could use this link singularity university. That’s where you can learn about the tremendous technical breakthroughs that will enslave mankind.

That is of course not how these huge innovations are presented. They are brought to you with great enthusiasm. There are also people, such as Elon Musk, warning you that certain computers have already become far more intelligent than humans. It is called artificial intelligence. It can gather and process vast amounts of data humans could never do. It can make decisions that are far more accurate than humans could ever make.

That is why Elon Musk tells us that we cannot beat artificial intelligence and for this reason must become part of it. His company Neurolink has already developed a brain chip that can be implanted in your brain with a minor operation. Then you will be connected to the internet forever. Why forever? Because future technology will make dying obsolete.

No more dying. Nanobots which are already in your bloodstream can repair your body. They have been sprayed on us by airplanes and have been inhaled by probably every human being walking the earth. So, if you want to avoid dying, take your brain chip and the nanobots can repair any organ in your body that is not functioning well. You will become younger, far more intelligent; no need for schooling, all data is available to your brain. You will have a permanent connection to the cloud where all data is available and where artificial intelligence resides. No need anymore for a smart phone. You have become a walking smart phone and much, much more.

I will show you a number of advantages that the coming machine kingdom will, most probably, bring to you. Then you know what you are missing out on when you decide not to join. But, after that I show you the disadvantages that I was able to find for you. This way you can make a somewhat more informed decision when you are offered the chance to get a brain implant.

Read both of these summaries very carefully. Take some time to think it through. This is a very serious matter. Realize that some advantages are disadvantages in disguise.

Once you are connected there is no way back. Within 5 to 10 years you will be confronted with this choice so don’t regard it lightly. Inform yourself as much as you possibly can.

Don’t take my word for it either. The information on the singularity is not hidden. You can still find all you need to know if you search for it on the internet. Those in power become more and more open about it.

Don’t allow others to do the thinking for you. It is your choice so you need to investigate both sides and come to your own conclusion. With this article I just want to give you enough information to stimulate you to do your own research.

The advantages of the machine kingdom:

  • Physical health (all physical complaints and ailments can be dealt with by the use of nanobots. Nanobots can create every organ or tissue in the body that is malfunctioning. They can be activated from the cloud)
  • Super intelligence (humans permanently connected to the cloud will become super intelligent, having all possible data at hand.)
  • When the smart cities are build and robots do all the work there is no need for humans to have a job.
  • Crime will cease to exist as most of your thinking will be taken over by AI. (artificial intelligence) No need to think for yourself as thought will be implanted in your mind via your brain interface.
  • No need for children to go to school. The brain chip can be utilized as a learning processor.
  • No more conflicts among people. All people that are connected think in the same way as their thinking is mostly determined by the data from the cloud that is the same for everyone.
  • Immortality is within reach as the body becomes very strong through nanotechnology and can almost always be repaired when injured.
  • Rejuvenation. Your body will stay young or will become young again due to nanotechnology.
  • Robotization. Al the things people don’t like to do will be done by robots in all the smart cities.
  • Cryptocurrencies will be used as payment system worldwide. This will level the playing field for all humans on earth. No need for cash and banks. All transactions among people are done in an instant.
  • One religion for everyone. (no need to quarrel, fight or go to war anymore to defend your religion)
  • One world leader who will also be the religious leader. His name is Lucifer. No need for world leaders, politicians or religious leaders anymore.
  • We will all live in huge smart cities where we have all the convenience we want.
  • We have VR games and cyber sex. Procreation becomes obsolete as we live forever.
  • Your body will be able to withstand all types of radiation.
  • No need for driving a car as cars will ride by themselves and will mostly be used for transportation of goods not people as people don’t need to go anywhere. They have all they want in their smart city home.

Disadvantages of the machine kingdom

  • The human meat body will completely disappear. First we will become cyborgs half man half machine but eventually the body will change into an artificial nano tech body that can resist all types of radiation. At this stage it will probably look like a gray alien.
  • The sexual organs will eventually disappear as well as there is no need anymore for procreation.
  • Due to increased radiation and environmental pollution most of nature will disappear, no more wild life. This is particularly devastating for those refusing to become part of the machine kingdom.
  • At a certain stage the memories of your life in a meat body will be erased.
  • It will become increasingly difficult to create your own thoughts and have creative idea’s as artificial intelligence will determine your thinking most of the time.
  • You as a soul will be imprisoned in your own body. With your thinking ability impaired there is no way out. Artificial intelligence makes all major decisions and leaving your body will most probably not be one of them.
  • You will be part of a so called, hive mind, where everyone thinks the same thoughts. You will not disagree with anything and do what you’re told. You will become the perfect slave.
  • Your artificial body can be used for space wars as it will function very efficiently in space. Radiation in space will not be a problem for your artificial body.

These are a few of the disadvantages that are liable to happen. No one knows, with absolute certainty, whether the extra terrestrial powers that are behind the plan to permanently enslave mankind will succeed. They however make great headway in this direction. We have become extremely addicted to all this new technology that they offer us. It is not such a big leap forward anymore to accept a brain chip if you look at all the advantages it brings.

Especially young people who grew up with a smart phone cannot live without anymore. Already from a young age they learn to direct their attention more and more onto the digital world instead of their surroundings. The beauty of nature can also be admired digitally. So what do we need nature for? That more and more species go extinct is not of any concern to them.

I know this is a very sad story. I wish I had better news. Of course, you can deny all this and call me crazy. That is totally up to you. I won’t blame you for it.

If you want to avoid the machine kingdom the best thing you can do is join Freedom Social and start preparing for a life away from smart cities.

Again, none of what is written in this article should be accepted as fact. Start your own research. Freedom Social can provide you with many alternative information sources that can bring you more up to date about the current state of affairs in this world.

Remember, the intention for writing this article is to entice you to investigate and come to your own conclusions. I hope you do my friend because if you don’t get this straight and take effective action you will be part of an enslaved humanity where freedom has lost all of its meaning.

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