VIPA Network Goal

I am just putting out this whole idea of a VIPA Network to the world in the hope people will pick it up and act on it. By no means am I capable to set up and control such a network myself. I aim for it to be a leaderless, grassroots movement were the network participants create and maintain it. I envision it as a network for the people by the people.

People who form a group with a common purpose can bring about great changes that could eventually influence the entire economy. Whether these changes are for better or worse depends entirely on what purpose they set out to accomplish. It is the purpose that forms the yard stick for the products or services that a group might create or promote.

In our current economy profit is the main purpose.

This is no longer sustainable. We can no longer continue to produce products for the sake of profit alone. This way of thinking is depleting the earth from its recourses at an alarming rate. It introduced us to the consumer society where all attention is on the buying and selling of products.

In a consumer society it is mainly the quantity that is considered important, far less the quality. The quality is only considered when it helps to make you into a satisfied customer. Advertisement can make you belief in products that produce more harm than benefit without you realizing this. So you buy again.

It all started with the light bulb in 1920. Did you know that the longest running light bulb in the world has burned continuously for over 110 years in Livermore, California? Check it out for your selve if you don’t belief me. Google it!

This is not a business friendly product. When you go for profit you want these bulbs to go extinct so you can deliver a new one. It however is a consumer friendly product as one light bulb would last a lifetime.

So, what happened with the everlasting light bulb? It was replaced for a light bulb that will only last for approximately 1000 hours. That is around 42 days of nonstop burning.

This was the first planned obsolescence. (obsolescence is the process or condition of going out of date or being no longer in use)

Now a days the whole economy centers around this concept. All consumable products have to have an expiration date no matter what the real shelve life is. All tools and machinery, especially electronics, are made up in such a way as to go broke after a, more or less, planned number of hours.

This is no joke. This is serious stuff. Due to planned obsolescence we now have massive amounts of electronic waste that end up in uncontrolled dump sites in many third world countries. In fact we have become a consumer waist society depleting the earth resources at an remarkable rate.

We cannot turn a blind eye to this phenomena. Yet it is hard to fight against it as our economy now depends on the production and selling of products for profit. When we would change this yard stick what do you think would happen?

We can learn from this that business will not change unless their customers change. Customers might change when they are provided with a universal yard stick. The definition of vital information is such a yard stick.

Vital Information:
Information that offers possibilities to improve human relations and circumstances without creating too much damage to other life forms and nature in general.

Vital Info Products:

Are products that live up to the definition of vital information.

As you will understand by now, companies or organizations cannot be allowed into such a Vital Info Product Affiliate Network (VIPA Network). Companies and organizations all have their own agenda. They work toward their own goals that do not necessarily correspond with the definition of vital information. They will defend their own products which, in their respect, is understandable.

The goal of the VIPA Network is an extremely simple one:

To promote Vital Info Products.

That is really all that is needed.

A network of VIPA’s having a good concept of what is expected can, through interaction, keep this goal a life. At least that is how I think about this. I have no way of knowing this to be true.

I am, of course, extremely interested in anyone wanting to participate in this endeavor. Also I value your opinion on this. All feedback is much appreciated.

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