The Awakened Ones

By | January 5, 2021

As soon as you have become more knowledgeable about what is now happening in our world, you have a problem that can be quite hard to tackle. This problem has everything to do with duality.
The word duality has basically two meanings being twofold and two opposites. The etymology of the word duality points toward twofold but when the word is used it can have this additional meaning of two opposites.

The word duel stems from the Latin duo meaning twofold

A duel = a formal fight in the past, using guns or swords, arranged between two people as a way of deciding an argument. Later a more general meaning of the word was adopted being any struggle between two skillful opponents (individuals or groups)

In the first meaning of the word duality as twofold two elements or aspects of something could exist in harmony even when these elements have opposite meanings.

In the second meaning of the word duality, the two elements act against each other.

You could say that the first definition of duality is a rational one and the latter one is an irrational one. Two opposing forces tend to change or even destroy each other. This is often seen as irrational behavior.

Why is a deeper understanding of duality of some importance?

It is the second definition that tends to pull things down toward destruction.

In essence destruction isn’t wrong or right. Destruction is as much a part of life here on earth as construction is. It is what we want from life that is important to us humans. If we want to destroy others or things that others hold dear we are on a path to destroy the civilization we are a part of. It is like putting your own house on fire with the result that you cannot live in it anymore.

What does this have to do with the awakened ones, those people that can see that humanity is on its way to destroy its own playground. Shouldn’t they fight the perpetrators of our downfall with all the power they can muster?

It might not surprise you if I told you that this approach has been tried extensively throughout the history of humanity. The good fighting the bad and the bad fighting the good has resulted in endless war, misery and starvation. It seems to be a recipe for disaster.

In this new time period, that is called the Aquarius time period which started at 21 December 2020, mankind is up against unprecedented evil that could mean the further enslavement of humans into a totally new, technological slave system the likes we haven’t seen before.

Whether the powers that be can pull this off remains an open question but one thing is for sure, if not enough people wake up to this reality, the enslavement that is to come will leave no room for escape. Ones you allow yourself to become a part of it you will lose all your rights and I mean all you rights and that goes as far as your right to have your own thoughts.

De CRISPR technology, from BioNTech, that has become a component part of the new Pfizer vaccine, will enable the power elite to have your DNA rewritten and thus make you less and less human and more and more a cyborg slave to the elite few. Ones it is in your body it cannot be taken out anymore. You have given your body away to your oppressors.

Will we rise up against the medical tyranny that started last year with the covid plandemic and if so how will we go about it?

Dualism in the meaning of two forces trying to bring harm to their opposing force is the perfect recipe for confusion and its resulting chaos.

The duel that is now taking place all over the world is we the people against our governments and the governments, with support of their Main Stream Media (MSM), against us. We the people also have more and more media outlets to our disposal to counter the false information used by our governments. The reason for our governments to bring out false information, via their MSM is to further the agenda of the power elite who they work for. Those working in the MSM work for the same power elite.

When I use the word power elite I mean the hierarchical structure that consists of the most intelligent and wealthy people on earth who have formed a shadow government that is often referred to as the deep state.

Since the power elite work on a precise agenda to usher in the machine kingdom our governments are to comply with their orders or else they will be punished and sometimes severely punished or even killed.

It is the same in the MSM. If people working for the MSM are telling us things they are not supposed to tell us or tell us that they have to obey orders from their superiors on what to say or not to say they might lose their job or worse.

Since our oppressors are much better organized they can still further their agenda that runs up until 2030. They infiltrated many of the independent media offering them money and power if they spin their stories to an extent that it eventually will serve the agenda of their “sponsors”

This is called controlled opposition and this way of dealing with your enemy goes back in history for quite some time.

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead them.” — Vladimir Lenin

The power elite apply Lenin’s advice. They are masters in mass manipulation and can always use opposition to their advantage by infiltrating their groups and organizations.

Due to this old tactic it becomes increasingly difficult to get correct information about the current situation on a global scale.

Whether you are aware of these two forces or not they do determine the direction that humanity is taking.

It is not enough for you to realize that the agenda of the power elite is to usher in the machine kingdom that will enslave humanity. But when you do realize that their agenda 2030 will give them complete power over every aspect of your live, what are you going to do about it.

The first thing that will happen is we will protest against it. This is now happening in many parts of the world. The many demonstrations in big cities that we see all over the world is an important indicator that the masses are waking up to what is going on.

However protesting against tyranny will not make it go away as it will again be used by the power elite to take away more and more of our liberties with the excuse to keep us safe.

But protests in the streets are understandable and probably a phase many will have to go through to express their anger against their governments.

There definitely is a next phase and that is to take effective actions. If we are protesting we feel being victimized by our oppressors. As a victim we can be easily controlled but when we organize and take effective action we become a serious threat to the establishment.

Governments have no power over us unless we give it to them. This is probably the first thing that must be thoroughly understood. There is a reason we give away our power to governments and that is because we believe that governments must deal with our social problems. This is a complete misconception of what governments are.

Governments are criminal organizations and their criminal behavior is more severe than any other criminal organization that you can think of. I don’t expect you to believe this as we are all, from a young age, being brainwashed into believing that governments are needed to keep us in line. They are not. There is an e-book on the topic of governments that everyone should read. This e-book will deprogram you and you will then be able to see what a government really is and what it does to our civilizations. Here a link to this e-book named:”The Most Dangerous Superstition” by Larkan Rose

This e-book will provide you with enough information to make you understand what we are up against when it comes to governments or statism as he calls it.

So how do we take effective action against our most severe enemy the government?

Now, you might think that the MSM is our most severe enemy or maybe you think the power elite are the real enemy we must fear most. They are not. It is not even the governments that are our most severe enemy.

It is our believe in them that keeps us under their thump. I cannot explain this in a short article. You have to read the e-book. You don’t even have to read all of it. You can read it until you understand what governments really are and what they definitely are not.

It really is an eye-opener for many people. You will never trust any politician again when you are deprogrammed, so to speak, let alone vote for any of them. In fact when you vote for a politician you are an accessory to his or her crimes. Don’t believe me. Read the e-book.

Obviously our first effective action must be to deprogram ourselves from our believe in any and all governmental structures. The e-book will take care of that.

Only then we can take effective action against governmental oppression. Not by writing petitions to government officials. You don’t ask a criminal to stop committing crimes you bring him/her to justice. Because government officials, or those working for them, think they are above their own laws they transgress against them.

We can see this very clearly when we look at how they handle the worldwide covid plandemic. The rules they bring out and enforce on us are against their own laws. They think they can do this because they consider themselves above their laws,

So, when a policeman comes up to you and wants to give you a fine for transgressing against their covid rules, that are not conform their own legislation, you tell them so. And if they don’t stop their unlawful behavior you will bring charges against them.

Each country has somewhat different laws and you have to find out how you can defend yourself by finding out what your rights are. Most covid rules put in place by the different governments around the world are against their own legislation and can therefore not be enforced on the people they try to control. So don’t fall for them. Just tell the enforces of these illegal rules that enforcing them is a criminal offense and that you will take action against them if they keep at it.

There are many ways to deal with government officials and it will pay off to wise up on this so you know how to act in your country when you are being attacked by them. Don’t get mad at them just tell them that they are out of line to order you to obey their covid rules that are against their own jurisdiction.

What we must understand is that governmental officials, and those working for them, are being pressured to enforce rules on us that they themselves don’t necessarily agree with either, but they do it anyway because of fear of losing their job. Still, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t stand up against their tyranny.

We don’t have to fight against governments and those working for them. We just need to be correct and tell them the facts in a friendly fashion.

When policemen ask for identification, politely ask them to identify themselves first.

You don’t know whether they are policeman and for them wearing a mask that covers an extensive part of their face isn’t helping. They may look like policeman but how are you to know they are not a bunch of criminals masking as policeman. Write down their names as you need their names in case you want to file criminal charges against them.

Most policemen will not give you their identification as they know full well that they are operating against the law. When you ask them for identification they have to identify themselves but chose not to for fear of you taking action against them. They know that what they are doing is wrong or they would happily show you their identity cart and police badge.

It is very important to always be correct and respectful toward law enforcement officers no matter what they do to you. Only use violence against them when you have to defend yourself against physical harm that is perpetrated on you and when it has some chance of succeeding.

To end on a more positive note it looks like the resistance to the covid rules and regulations is growing exponentially on a worldwide scale. This isn’t a lost battle by a long shot. We the people can take back control over our lives when we begin to understand what we are dealing with.

The enemy is our own believe in governments.

When you want to help your loved ones send them the link to this e-book. Many of your friends and family are beginning to see that something strange is happening but might not want to admit it at first. Tel them to read that e-book and ask them what they think of it.

Governments are an unnecessary evil. You will know what I mean when you read it.

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  1. Jose Roberto

    what a wonderful article, i was very confused about all this, although in my country brazil, it seems more difficult to apply some of these suggestions, reading this article clarified my thoughts and dissolved the confusion that was in my mind, i can see the situation with understanding now, and without the doubts I had, thank you!


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