Group Agreement

By | May 3, 2020

When people gather they usually have a common interest. People can also be forced or manipulated to gather but that doesn’t change the fact that they have a common interest. When people are forced to gather their common interest could be to stay out of trouble. A human gathering becomes a group when they all agree on the same thing and want to take action. A group becomes an organization when there is a plan and a structure in place for reaching a certain purpose.

When we put this in a scale it looks like this:

  • A gathering
  • A group
  • An organization

Just as common interest can be seen as the glue for a gathering of people so can agreement be seen as the glue that connects people into a group.

Groups do not endure unless they organize themselves. The type of glue used for organizations is agreed upon planning and structure. It is those two factors that hold an organization together.

Of course there has to be enough agreement on structure for it to remain in place. Disagreement can change a group into a bunch of individuals who all try to do their own thing. Too much disagreement on planning and/or structure is the downfall of each and every organization.

Group agreement is the most basic form of mind control.

When you are part of a group you are bound to participate and stick to its rules. You are expected to agree with its purpose. When you think or behave differently it is frowned upon by your fellow group members.

When you go against the group’s purpose by not upholding its rules or expressing disagreement you will soon become a danger to that group.

What does this tell you? It tells you that when you participate in a group your free will is limited. In many groups there is room for creative ideas but only when it furthers the purpose of the group.

We all participate in gatherings, groups and organizations. When you are part of a gathering the consequences of disagreeing are least severe. In most cases you can just leave when you lose interest.

For example: waiting in line for the post office. It is a gathering with a common interest. If you don’t want to wait because the line is too long you can come back later. Nobody standing in line will object. Bypassing the people in front of you is another story but the consequences will probably not be too severe.

A gathering becomes a group when all involved agree on a common purpose and are willing to take action. When farmers gather on the street to protest against a certain government policy they all agree on the same purpose, the cancellation of that policy. That is why they take action. Now we have a group. When a group needs to organize because it wants to sustain itself it becomes an organization.

There is nothing spectacular about all this. It is all just common sense isn’t it? We all know this to be true.

My reason for bringing this up is to make people aware of the danger that is inherent in group agreement.

We know that without group agreement nothing substantial can be accomplished but what we might not always realize is that group agreement can have devastating consequences as well.

Group agreement can be a force for good but it can just as much be a force for evil. The state we find ourselves in is caused by group agreement. In all of human history we find grave examples of group agreement having its toll on humanity.

A war between two armies is nothing but a group agreement to slaughter your fellow man for the purpose of victory, possession or power over others. It is completely insane yet the soldiers believe they are doing what has to be done. They think they become heroes by killing the enemy even when the enemy is their own fellow man. They all agree to act this way because they believe in their mission. They believe their mission is more important than a human life. That is the insanity of war as we know it.

We humans are now entering a new era. Wars between armies will eventually disappear from the earth. Maybe we will still have a third world war but after that the armies of the world will be used solely against the human population to make them comply with the installation of the machine kingdom.

As soon as we are all connected in the internet of things via a brain implant or whatever technology will be most suited, artificial intelligence will gain more and more control over us. And as it does the need for armies, police forces and other controlling forces will evaporate. We will all comply with AI without questioning anything. We will think the way AI wants us to think. We will be the ultimate slave who can best be compared with a living robot.

The reason we will massively fall for this enslavement is group agreement. In order to counter the plans to enslave humanity we need to understand the consequences of group agreement and how it happens.

It happened through all of humans’ history. A very small number of people influencing others in such a way that they will commit harmful acts against their own species. Also in today’s world a very small number of people control the masses.

They have gained immense wealth and power that enabled them to control practically all world leaders, politicians, media and captains of industry. They have only one purpose and that is to lead humanity into the machine kingdom. It is what is happening this very moment. If their plan works out the machine kingdom will be established within 10 years from now.

Who is going to build this new world that will be introduced to us as heaven on earth but is utter and complete slavery? We will!!! Humanity will build its own prison while thinking it is heaven.

How can this happen? You guessed it; group agreement will make it happen. We need to agree to our own enslavement for the power elite to succeed. And currently that is what we are doing.

What the power elite don’t realize is that they too will become enslaved by the machine kingdom. They too will not be able to think for themselves anymore.  It is like we are all digging our own grave without realizing that we are doing it.

But what is happening in the world today can only happen because we are in agreement with it. We are manipulated to agree with it.

Group agreement is the most basic form of mind control.

We could even call this an axiom as it is self evident.

The reason the few can control the many is because the many believe the few without question. We humans have a tendency to look up to authority. We want to believe in them because they give us a feeling of security. We feel safe when a leader leads the way. We don’t want to question leaders or authorities because we might lose our feeling of safety.

Safety has become a big issue in our world today. The more threatening situations are injected into society the more we want from our leaders to take measures for our safety. We agree with whatever measures they take as long as we can feel safe.

The fear not to be safe can make us blind for the safety measures that our politicians or world leaders take. Out of fear we agree without questioning our leaders. This happens on all layers of society. Even in a family children, to a certain age, will trust their parents to be right without question. Many times when they start questioning their parents they are frowned upon or even punished for it.

Questioning authority is going against group agreement. When you want to feel safe you don’t go against group agreement as the members of your group might give you a hard time. You might endanger your reputation or worse, you might wind up as an outcast of your group. All the more reason to shut up and do as you’re told. Each group or organization will have one or more authoritative leaders. Going against group agreement is going against group leaders.

Most of us can relate to this. Haven’t you once or twice tried to speak up because you disagreed with certain measures taken by your superiors and burned your fingers? It is not safe to do so, isn’t it?

When people become complacent out of fear and this starts happening on a world wide scale things can become extremely dangerous. It is my opinion that we as humanity have arrived at this stage.

The fear of losing a feeling of safety has given our leaders immense power over us. At this stage of the game their power grows exponentially. Due to “safety technology” and the media they control they can do anything they want with us. We will obey them for safety reasons.

Safety in this world is an illusion. There is no safety in a dishonest world where we only care for ourselves and don’t give a shit about others. That is the real cause of our addiction to safety measures. The safety measures that are currently installed will be used by the powerful elite to impose a super control grid over all of humanity.

There is only one solution out of this mess. Question authority! It doesn’t matter how high on the hierarchical ladder authorities are placed, question them and don’t follow their orders unless you are absolutely sure executing them is for the benefit of all.

As politicians and word leaders are masters in manipulation you cannot trust them. In order to make sure they don’t play one of their con tricks on you, more often than not you have to investigate them. You have to search for a hidden agenda.

What is an authority anyway?

According to one of the many definitions in the Merriam Webster dictionary it is the power to influence or command thought, opinion, or behavior.

When leaders are given that much power over others wouldn’t it be wise to allow for questioning their authority? Are we going to do things just because an authority wants it?

From the definitions I have seen not many refer to an authority as someone that has the skill and experience to lead others in a constructive manner. Most definitions describe authority as having the power to control others.

It is the authority in a group that determines what the group members agree on and belief in. When you cannot question such leaders they are dictators and you are their slaves.

Going against authorities in your group or organization isn’t always a wise thing to do as it can have severe consequences.

A leader doesn’t have any power over you unless there is group agreement. Without agreement there is no group and without a group there is no leader. This seems obvious but we have to realize that going against a leader is going against group agreement.

When you don’t get the majority of the other group members behind your opinion and you keep acting against group agreement you will be an outcast of that group very soon.

When you can no longer agree with the purpose of your group you will have to decide whether you want to remain a part of it. This is a decision only you can make. Sometimes you cannot abandon a group because the consequences are unbearable for yourself and/or your loved ones. It is the same as stepping off this planet because you don’t like the way things are going with humanity as a group.

So what can we do when group agreement causes mayhem or destruction? Not an easy question to answer.

Whether we are part of such a group or not the first thing is to attempt to understand all aspects of it at the deepest possible level. This should include the fact that the members of such a group or organization are convinced that they are doing the right thing or are justified to do what they are doing.

Let’s take a gang of young people terrorizing their neighborhood as an example. Everyone is in fear of this gang. No one wants to stand up to them. They all hate them. They attack the elderly on the streets and steel their money. They break in houses and take away what they can carry. The police aren’t doing much to get them off the street. The situation worsens as the group is growing in number. You live in that neighborhood and they already attacked you on the street and took your money so you have firsthand experience of what is going on.

We know that each group has a leader or leaders. They determine group agreement. Quite often a street gang has just one leader. To understand the situation you have to understand the leader. He is the authority in that group.

To understand the leader you have to question him. You have to investigate his background. Find out all you can about him. Go speak to his parents, his school teachers his gang members. Go to the police to report your findings. Suggest the policy to have him visited by a social worker to confirm your findings. When you get no support you have a story for the local media. Get it published. Very often things will change when you expose the facts.

The reason group agreement can cause so much destruction is that the victims let it all happen. They don’t investigate matters to come to an understanding of the situation or they don’t act on their findings.

Even this is understandable as victims feel victimized and are therefore less willing to take responsibility for a bad situation.

In general when you feel victimized by group agreement investigate the authorities of the group or organization. Tell the perpetrators that they will be held accountable for their destructive actions against you. Explain to them why you consider their actions destructive or harmful. When you know what is coming have them sign a notice of liability form before you allow them to harm you or your property.

Here you find a website where you can download such forms and use them to defend yourself against destructive group agreement. You might have to revise them to make them applicable to your situation and the laws in your country.

Don’t agree with destructive group agreement by doing nothing. Take effective action instead. And remember, understanding the perpetrators at the deepest possible level is essential to your success for if you don’t you will be inclined to respond with uncontrolled emotions that will only strengthen your victimhood.

It can be very hard on us to shake our victimhood in the current situation on earth but if we do anything is possible. We might not be able to safe humanity from being enslaved by the machine kingdom but we should at least be able to safe ourselves and give others a chance by sharing what we know, if they want to know.

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