What is a vital info source

We consider information being of vital importance for many, different reasons. Information can be considered of vital importance to one person but totally irrelevant to another.
There are as many information sources as there are humans. We all have things to say and we all consider our information to have some degree of importance.

I believe that humanity needs to learn how to recognize when information is of vital importance.

Before we can determine what is of vital importance, we need a yard stick. That yard stick needs to make it easy for everyone to determine the importance of any information source.

I believe the following yard stick to be useful for those who want to determine whether an information source is of vital importance.

Vital Info Yard Stick:

Information is of vital importance when it can improve human conditions without causing too much damage to the elements that support humanity.

With this yard stick I believe we can all judge what information source is of vital importance and what information source is not.

We could divide information sources in two categories:

1. Information that explains an existing situation that needs to be improved.

2. Information that explains how this can be done.

Both are equally important. It is of not much use to do 1 and neglect 2. Obviously number 1 has to come first or we wouldn’t know what to improve. When a particular information source only report on existing situations, like what newspapers do, and never come up with workable solutions they cannot be considered a vital information source.

Why would we use a yard stick such as the one above?

The reason for this is very simple. We live in a dishonest world. We have come to a point where we can no longer trust each other. Was there ever a time in human history where we could trust each other? In general, as far as I know, the answer is no. There are honest people who can trust each other but they are a minority.

We could philosophize about why we live in a trustless society but that is beyond the scope of this article. The fact is that we do. Therefore, we need a yard stick so we can determine whether information is of vital importance toward the survival and prosperity of the human race.

The problem with vital information sources is that they aren’t always flexible. When their information becomes out dated or irrelevant are they willing to adjust their information? Very often they have invested time and money and want a return of investment above anything else. Also, we don’t like to be proven wrong. This is a weak point with many people.

Another problem is that vital information sources can have information that measures up to the above yard stick but have information that doesn’t measure up as well.

What is needed to overcome these obstacles is an intermediary. Not an agent or representative of the info source but an independent consultant. One who you can trust because he/ she has studied the information carefully and is able to determine whether the information is conforming to the above vital info yard stick. I call such a person a vital info consultant.

This doesn’t dismiss you from investigating for yourself whether the info is reliable but it can help you to get on the right track.

There is another reason why a vital info consultant (VIC) can do wonders in this world. Vital information sources need all the help they can get. Vital information sources work towards the improvement of the human condition. Can you think of a more lofty purpose? The people that distribute vital information are our hero’s. Without them humanity might not survive.

If we don’t help them to get their message across we are in for disaster big time. Don’t take this lightly as your future as a human being depends on vital information sources entirely.

I personally can’t think of anything that is more rewarding than becoming a vital information consultant. Can you?

Of course there are people promoting vital information and very often without any rewards for their efforts. I just think these people should have a name and be rewarded for what they do.

This is the reason I created this website. I want to support vital information sources by creating an “army” of vital information consultants (VICs) who can be independent affiliates for vital info products or services from vital information sources.

Let me know what you think of this. I need all the help I can get to make the VIPA network a reality.

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