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My name is Adriaan de Rijk and I live in Belgium. So, English is not my native language. Hopefully I don’t make too many spelling errors.

I was born in The Netherlands and moved to Belgium to join the love of my life.

In my younger years I got involved in a cult. This turned out to be a great lesson for me as I will explain here on this ‘about me’ page.

I was a true believer. I really thought that if you were not a part of it you were doomed. Many years later when I finally took some distance from it I was able to look at it all in a more moderate way. However, it still took me close to 10 more years before I could think for myself again. I slowly realized how severely indoctrinated I had become.

I am not only telling you this because I want to let you know what kind of a person I am. I have a deeper reason for this. I strongly belief that what happened to me in this cult is to a certain degree happening throughout the entire human civilization. Maybe not always to the extreme I had to endure but it happens far more than we are aware of.

You might have noticed that in the title of my blog and in my website address I use the term “vital information”. This has something to do with my life’s passion that resulted from my cult experience.

It became crystal clear to me that mind control is everywhere you look.

With mind control I mean the influence an information source outside of yourself has on your mind without you being fully aware of it. I know that is a brought definition. It goes much deeper than brainwashing soldiers to kill without remorse.

The antidote for mind control I called “vital information”. People can only be brainwashed to belief certain things because they lag vital information.

This is how I define vital information:

Information that offers possibilities to improve human relations and circumstances without creating too much damage to other life forms and the environment they live in.

As a car runs on fuel so does the human mind run on information. What you allow in is what you get. If you put milk in the tank of your car you are not going to get very far. Similarly, if you allow lies into your mind you will get yourself into trouble sooner or later.

As I wanted to publish and distribute my literary work on this subject I got involved with Internet marketing. Was I in for a surprise. The Internet marketing world turned out to be a minefield loaded with false promises

I have tried many, so called, business opportunities and failed on each one of them. To be honest I am not a fast learner. It takes me a lot of time to obtain a certain skill. This weakness of mine will certainly have contributed to my absolute failure as an Internet marketer.

However, for the first time after 15 years of struggle with nothing to show for I stumbled upon a company that seems to have it all. I am now pretty sure I could succeed as an Internet marketer but I lost interest in most of the Internet marketing opportunities. I found out that I have a different passion that I want to pursue and it has everything to do with the title of my website and its content.

I am still interested in Internet marketing opportunities but only when they are conform to the definition of vital information as stated above.

However, If you want to become an Internet marketer I can assure you that the company Wealthy Affiliate is the best option you can find.

Adriaan de Rijk

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