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This is my dream for the world.

I would like the term “Vital Information” to become a household name throughout the world. This is a big dream. A star high goal, you might say.

Information can be vital to one person and of no significance to others. When you are rich, information about how to become rich is not of much importance to you. When you are healthy information about how to become healthy is of less importance to you. It is not vital to your life situation. When you are poor or unhealthy information that can alleviate these conditions you might consider of vital importance.

This is not how I wish vital information to be known throughout the world. I want to give this term a much, much deeper meaning. When you see the words “vital information” I want you to associate this term with the most vital information you can possibly think of.

Let’s take a real hard look at the situation we humans are in at this very moment. If we do this we can only come to one conclusion. And I think you will agree with what I am about to let you in on.

There is one topic that is of such importance that no other topic comes close to it. To my knowledge there is nothing that matters more than this topic. Becoming a millionaire or even a billionaire is of no importance in comparison with this topic. Can you guess what it is? You cannot? Take a better look at the condition of mankind. What is the real situation on planet earth at this very moment?

The topic I came up with was:

Mankind and his relationship with the environment.

It is the environment that makes the human experience possible. It is the quality of the environment that determines the quality of living.

Can you see what I mean? Vital Information is information that learns people to live more in balance with nature. If we continue to ignore this we are in for some serieus trouble. If we continue to destroy nature as we are currently doing we are doomed. Most of us will not survive. At this very moment mankind is slowly committing suicide.

But there is hope. For all the harm we have done to mother nature there are workable solutions. All damage can be put right. It will take time but all can be remedied. We just need to know how. We need vital information. Information that we can use to straighten out our relationship to the environment. Information that will learn us how we can live our lives in balance with nature. This information exists. It just doesn’t get to the masses. I belief we need to start a worldwide movement to make this happen. A movement that can put all current endeavers under one umbrellow.

I would value your opinion on this. Feel free to make a comment below.

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  1. Christian Robins

    I agree with you, I want to be apart of this movement . I have a deep desire to help humanity and save the children. However, I feel lost at times and I asked for the truth and then I find this website, your website..


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