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Many people turn away when they hear others talking about making money on the Internet. They probably think it is all a load of crap and there is a good reason for that. Too many people that do give it a try lose too much money or turn away from it empty handed.

I use “making money” because this term is used extensively in this industry. But I don’t like it all that much. I honestly think that the Internet marketing industry has gone somewhat crazy on “making money”. Banks make money and we all know what that amounts to. Normal working people earn money. When you earn money you deliver a valuable product or a service in exchange for money or you, at least, contribute to this process.

I don’t want to imply here that this isn’t happening in the Internet marketing industry. I am just trying to make a point here. The Internet marketing industry is riddled with people trying to “make money”. It is all about money, money and again more money. Of course, there is nothing wrong with earning money in exchange for something valuable.

Just in case you are new to this subject let me explain the term affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a way for a company to sell its products by signing up individuals or companies (“affiliates”) who market the company’s products for a commission. It is just one of the ways companies can market products or services on the Internet. Internet marketing means to market a product or service via the Internet.

It is not really about “making money”. It is about products and services. That these need to be paid for is just common sense. That you can earn money promoting services and products is obvious. However when all attention goes to “making money” things tend to go off the rails.

Marketing = all organized activities or organizational structures that are considered necessary for the selling and delivering of products and service.

Internet marketing companies and their affiliates often have become so addicted to “making money” that this is all they can think of. When you make money your first priority and you make products your last, things will always go off the rails eventually.

Internet or affiliate marketing scams can easily be recognized when you look at their products or services. When the products or services offered are not worth the price you pay for it you know that you are being scammed.

A scam = a fraudulent business scheme.

When you are new to the world of Internet marketing it is not all that easy to determine whether you are being scammed or not.

The million dollar question then becomes: Who can you trust?

How do you know you’re not being scammed when you consider joining an Internet marketing business opportunity?

It is not that there is no potential for you to earn a respectable income in the on line world. It is just a matter of knowing what a legitimate Internet marketing business opportunity looks like. If you don’t know this you could get yourself in serious trouble. And I can tell you, I know what I am talking about. I lost more money trying all sorts of things than I am willing to admit.

The sails letters can be so convincing. It all can look so promising that you would swear this time you have the right opportunity only to find out later that it is a house of cards. They will show you nice expansive cars and mansions that you will be able to afford when you buy into it and part your money. They make it look so simple. Everyone can do it.

Then, when you start out, and you again get nowhere, you get to a point where you start thinking that it is all your fault. You just aren’t smart enough. The reason so many people, including me, bought into all these get rich quick schemes is because of all these false promises.

You don’t know what it takes for you as an affiliate to get yourself a profitable on line business. You think you know because they constantly tell you how simple it is and that everyone can do it. But they never give you the full picture. They probably don’t have the full picture themselves as most of them are just in it for the quick bug.

I am here to tell you there is hope for the millions of people that are in need for some extra income or even a very well paid job as an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing can be very rewarding if you know what you are doing.

Today we live in a world where nothing is certain. How do you know you will still have a job in the near future? How do you know you will be able to retire? How do you know you retirement fund is not in jeopardy. The world of finance has never been more vulnerable as it is today.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had your own profitable on line affiliate marketing business that you control and from which you could generate a consistent flow of money to keep you and your family financially safe and secure?

Affiliate marketing can definitely be a solution for people that might lose their job in the near future or have lost their job already and can’t find a new one. What about young people who left school and find no work.

More and more people turn to the Internet in an attempt to find work on line. We don’t want all these people to join the wrong business were they get scammed. Do we? That is just giving affiliate marketing a bad reputation.

This is what my site is all about. Helping people to find sources of information they can trust. I belief the Internet marketing industry needs to grow up and become product and service oriented instead of money oriented.

There certainly are Internet marketing companies that can be trusted and do deliver what they promise.

I found an honest Internet marketing company that really delivers outstanding products and services for people that want to become affiliate marketers. You get all the help you need and you don’t need to pay anything upfront. You are allowed to test it all out and even set up your own website. You could actually market products and make your first sale without you paying a dime.

When you want to become more professional at it you do pay a membership fee. The membership fee is not much. What you get for it is an absolute wealth of information. All things you need to learn as an affiliate marketer are explained in the smallest detail and in such a way that you will be able to follow the instructions. When you run into trouble there is an on line community willing to help you 24/7. Never before did I run into a company teaching Internet marketing that gives this much support. It is something you need to experience for yourself.

Click the link below and check it out.

Wealthy Affiliate

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