How to save your savings in the upcoming recession!

By | December 13, 2019

It has even been in the main stream media. There is going to be a financial and economic recession in 2020. This is in the pipe line for quite some years now but it most probably will play out in the coming year.

The current financial debt system has to go as the rulers of earth want to put a new monetary system in place where they can control our every move. It will introduce us to the cashless society.

The big question is: ‘what system will replace the current, debt based monetary system?’

I tend to believe that the current system will at first be taken over by a combination of two systems:

1. Cryptocurrencies

2. Precious metal based digital currencies

In this article I want to discuss both of these possible outcomes.

The first thing we should realize is that money doesn’t have to have intrinsic value. Money is just an agreed upon means of exchange.

For quite a long time fiat currency has worked for the average individual. It has served the elite bankers very well. It has given the rulers of this world tremendous power over us.

When the gold standard was abandoned worldwide in 1971, we didn’t lose all confidence in our paper money system. We just allowed rulers to print as much money as they needed for their plans to succeed. And so they did, running the world into a debt of 244 trillion dollar. ‘A debt to whom?’, you might ask. To the ruling elite of course, who else?

They could probably go on for quite a while blowing up this debt bubble as there is not much need anymore for printing money. Most of the money supply has been digitized making it very easy to generate.

To understand the elite rulers of the world we need to look at how they view the world. We can be quite sure that they look at it from the viewpoint of control. How can we better control the masses and make them do what we want them to do. This must be their main goal.

Within the current monetary system there is too much room for people to strike it rich. I think this is the main reason they want to get rid of the current financial system. They don’t want people to gain too much wealth as that will make them too powerful. Rich people can, too easily, become a threat to them. They will allow a minority to become extremely wealthy but only when they do as they are told.

The rulers of the world want a new monetary system that puts the entire human race under total control. They understand that they need to collapse the current system to introduce a new one and they can now easily do this.

By introducing new systems like crypto currencies and blockchain gold and at the same time feeding the main stream and alternative media with black propaganda on the current fiat system they can gain agreement for a new monetary system. When people see their savings disappear they will recognize the dishonesty of the current system and scream for reform. Then the ruling class will see the time fit for their solution to the problem.

Both cryptocurrencies and blockchain gold will enable them to get an iron grip on all our activities. I explain blockchain gold later in this article.

Will there be a financial meltdown in 2020 to introduce a new monetary system? Maybe, I don’t know but it certainly looks like it. I, sure as hell, want to prepare myself for it as much as I possibly can. I hope you will do the same.

You might already be into cryptocurrencies or maybe you have invested in precious metals. Whatever the case maybe you better take this information serious as there is a lot at stake.

Let me first explain what I mean with blockchain gold.

Before bitcoin, the cryptocurrency where it all started with, many investors had gold and/or silver as part of their portfolio. Gold has always been regarded as a type of money. Moving away from the gold standard hasn’t changed this. Although some investors have moved away from precious metals and went into cryptocurrency investment strategies instead, I believe most investors will eventually stick to gold and silver as their main investment strategy.

Money is an exchange method backed by confidence.

The confidence being that we can buy and sell goods and services for it. The confidence in gold as money is still very high, especially now the current debt system is running haywire. The problem with gold is that it is somewhat unpractical using it as money. We cannot do our groceries and then pay with a gram of gold can we?

To solve this usability problem they needed to digitalize the exchange of gold or silver. And so they did making it possible to buy and sell with gold or silver. To make it a complete control system they used blockchain technology. With blockchain technology and the internet of things every financial transaction is under the control of the elite rulers of the world, just as they have envisioned it. If you don’t believe it, please read this article.

This is why I believe that the fiat system will be transitioned into both cryptocurrencies and blockchain gold. Both systems will enslave humanity to an extent never seen before.

Knowing this we either put our heads in the sand and hope for the best or we take effective action to prevent falling victim to what I like to call the machine kingdom.

Click on that link and read the article if you haven’t done so. It will give you much needed information. Also, this one is worth reading. It will tell you all you need to know and what to do to save yourself and your family from falling victim to the machine kingdom.

In the meanwhile it is of some importance to know what to do with your savings. When the elite rulers of the world decide to blow up the current financial system what does that mean for your savings account?

Here is what might happen. In many countries banks have already installed a negative interest rate on your savings. A legal way to steel from your capital. Then there is a chance your bank has to file for bankruptcy.

Banks will try to avoid this at all cost, or should I say at your cost. In many countries laws have been approved that entitle banks to take money from your savings account to safe themselves from bankruptcy. The time for bail outs by governments is over. Steeling from your savings is called bail in and that is what they can now legally do and will do when needed.

Many people will not believe all this. They don’t want to investigate it and just hope for the best. Just as people trust their doctor to make them healthy they trust their bank manager to make them rich.

For quite some time now there is low or no interest on your savings. This has caused many people to invest their money in shares. They allow their bank manager to control their portfolio. With a financial crisis resulting in a crashed economy what do you think will happen with the value of your shares? And what if your bank goes bankrupt?

Others buy real estate to safe their capital. Although real estate doesn’t lose all of its value do you think the housing market will remain uninfluenced by a recession? I don’t!

Then you have the cryptocurrency investors, bitcoin being the leading investment “coin”. It still gains more trust and will probably continue to do so for a while.

Practically speaking I don’t believe it will become the new world currency. There are better crypto’s then bitcoin. The mining of bitcoin will probably become its biggest hassle. But as long as confidence in it is increasing it might be worth investing in.

Investing in crypto’s is not at all without risk. Using crypto’s as a payment system is mainly a volatility problem. They can gain and lose value fast and in extreme quantities. You have to take that in consideration when you use them for investment purposes or to buy and sell with them.

That leaves us with investing your savings in gold or silver as the safest investment solution. Gold and silver are regarded as valuable assets that are not much volatile.

Many eastern countries are buying great quantities of gold. That should tell you something. For gold to be the world currency it will have to rise to 10.000 dollar a gram. I don’t see a reason why it couldn’t. If bitcoin can raise its value to such a high level why wouldn’t gold?

To connect all gold transactions with blockchain technology and the internet of things is a smart move from the elite rulers of the world. Many people will fall for it.

I believe that investments in gold and silver will generate a great return of investment in the years to come. Connecting it with blockchain technology will make it the perfect slave system that could take over the world.

Let us take a look at the biggest worldwide player in digitalizing precious metals like gold and silver. It is Allocated Bullion Exchange. Take a look at their website. If you want to know where this company stands for take a look here. You want a second opinion click on this link. Try to find any negative remarks on this company by using your search engine. You will find none. They have an impeccable record and are active from 2011.

From this company a brand new company was started last year 2018. It was named Kinesis. It was Kinesis that connected blockchain technology with bullion exchange making it possible for every individual, company or government to buy and sell with gold and silver. This will soon be recognized as the investment opportunity of a lifetime. It has the potential to blow all crypto’s out of the water. Whether this will happen, remains to be seen.

Because of its blockchain technology the elite rulers of the world will make no objections to the expansion of Kinesis as they know that with the internet of things they have total control over humanity.

This makes investment in Kinesis a safe investment that has great potential. At the same time it is the best strategy for the rulers of the world to gain full control over us.

Let us take a look at the difference between crypto’s and gold blockchain (Kenisis) or other precious metal based digital currencies.


  • They are volatile.
  • Less confidence in using it as a payment.
  • Crypto’s have no intrinsic value.
  • Crypto’s are quite new.
  • What crypto to invest in, there are more than 5000 of them.
  • Confidence in crypto’s depends on their volatility.

Gold blockchain (Kenisis)

  • The gold price is much more stable.
  • No problem using it as a payment system.
  • Gold has some intrinsic value.
  • Gold has been used as money for ages.
  • Gold and silver have always been considered good investments.
  • Confidence in gold is as stable as its price.

I guess you might wonder by now why I started to invest in Kinesis
and want to promote it to you knowing well that it is a system to enslave humanity.

This is a bit of a complex story but I promise if you keep reading you will understand it and might be willing to do the same.

It seems that the elite rulers of the world have left us with no choice but to join them. What else can we do to save our savings?

I intent to profit as much as I possibly can from the Kinesis monetary system as long as I can without becoming part of the machine kingdom. As soon as 5G and the internet of things are in place I am out. I transfer the remainder of my profits from Kinesis to Freedom Social as Freedom Social is the only platform in existence that can, in the near future, be used to create a life outside of the machine kingdom. By making profits with Kinesis we can support Freedom Social.

You can of course stay with the Kinesis monetary system or your favorite crypto and become part of the machine kingdom. Before you decide to do this I would strongly advise you to read this article and do your own research. In this way you can make an informed decision.

I am not your financial adviser. You have to do your own research. You cannot hold me responsible for any financial decisions you make. I think this is obvious but I tell you anyway.

If you read this far I must have caught your interest. You are an exceptional being. It tells me that you haven’t totally fallen victim to the info hype enslavement system we call the main stream media.

Most people now a day have a very short attention span. They go for the information kick. When the information gives them a kick they are done with it. They leave in search for another, different info kick. It is an addiction that is very hard to shake.

I hope for you that you will take this information serious and do all you can to further research it so you can prevent yourself and maybe your loved ones from the machine kingdom that is upon us.

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