Will you be run over by a “Freight Train”?

By | March 25, 2020

Will you be run over by a “Freight Train”?

What the hell are you talking about? No freight train is going to run mé over!!!

Well, ok you are probably right. Why should a freight train run you over? You are a cautious person. You don’t do any risky things. You keep yourself informed of any future events that might involve freight trains. There is nothing to worry about. Is there?

However, maybe your children are not as careful as you are. On a certain day you are looking out for them. You wander what they are up to this time. All of a sudden you see them playing on the railroad. They seem very much engaged in their playing not noticing the freight train that is coming their way.

Now you are alarmed. You run towards them screaming at the top of your longs:”Get off the rails!!!”. They look up and wander what the fuss is all about. They see no reason to get off the rails, so they continue playing. They are building a sand castle on the railroad and are having great fun with it. It is in its final stage and there is no one going to stop them from getting it done. Not even their father. ‘Why does he always mess with our projects?’ ‘Why should we always obey him?’, is what is probably going through their heads.

When you are playing a game you invest in that game. The game can become very important to you. It might take most of your attention leaving you with less attention for related circumstances. This is what we call tunnel vision.

We all have it. It is needed but it can be devastating as well. To get anything done you need to concentrate on the steps that allow you to complete the task at hand. There is nothing wrong with that. Is there?

If you are building a sand castle on a train rail you can concentrate as much as you want on all the steps that you need to take to get your castle erected, it will not prevent the train from ruining it entirely and, if you don’t watch out, take you with it.

Maybe these children see the train coming when they hear their father screaming, but they don’t want to accept the inevitable consequences. So, they decide to keep working on their construction. They ignore the warnings of their own father because their sand castle is more important to them.

Will the father be able to safe his children? He knows he will not be able to reach them in time to bring them to safety. He knows he needs to get into their heads to convince them of the danger ahead. Will they listen to him in time? He will do all he possible can, but will his children change their mind in time?

With this analogy I want to show you the cause of all human suffering. We can call it tunnel vision but I would like to call it fixed reality.

What do I mean by fixed reality?

Fixed reality is a state of awareness where we know with absolute certainty that we are right. In this state of awareness we cannot conceive of being wrong. Being wrong would be intolerable to us. It is our reality and we want nobody to go against it. The more we have invested in it the more fixed it will become.

People that are more aware will have their reality much less fixed. When someone explains to them that their reality is flawed they will think it over to see if they can improve their understanding of it. If they feel the critic is justified they will adjust their reality just as easily.

However, we all have fixed realities. Ideas that we don’t want others to meddle with. If this wouldn’t be the case we would live in an entirely different world.

Fixed reality is the rock bottom basic cause of all our misery. Without it conflicts could not exist. Fixed realities can be positive or negative but they have to collide for a conflict to ensue.

When we take the above analogy the father has a positive fixed reality to save his children. His children have a negative fixed reality to complete their sand castle no matter what. The train driver has a positive fixed reality that he cannot allow his train to run over these children. He will do everything in his power to avoid a disaster but knows he will not be able to stop his train in time.

So, it is up to the children to heighten their awareness to a level above fixed reality.

How is that for a conflict?

This, of course is a very obvious example of how disasters come about. It isn’t always that obvious.

The freight train that will run over humanity is far more convoluted in nature. It is so complex, so evil and devious that most people will not see it coming until it is too late.

When you are reading this you should consider yourself lucky. You still have a chance to avoid the freight train running over you or your loved ones.

You just need to educate yourself as to what is going on and get involved with the solutions that are presented to you.

Investing in Freedom Social could be the best investment you ever did. Get informed and take action before the freight train will run you over. The new financial system that is coming our way is the freight train I am talking about. It is evil and devious. It is presented as a solution to many of the financial irregularities that are going on today. It is very easy to get yourself lured into it.

Don’t fall for it. If you have fallen for it you can still get out and join Freedom Social. It is not yet too late. Let’s help Kent Lewis, the man behind Freedom Social, to bring his operation to fruition. Then we might have a better chance to avoid the freight train.

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