Are you an info junkie?

It is hard not to be a info junkie in this day and age where information overload is rampant. As I take in a lot of information while not always considering its value I asked myself: ‘Am I an info junkie?’ After thinking this over for a while I must admit that to a certain… Read More »

Someone angry at you? Now what?

When we become angry we become angry. Allow me to explain. When the angry response is severe enough the person exhibiting this emotion has become the emotion. The awareness unit that we are has been taken over by emotion entirely. Why is this important to understand? When you deal with such a situation where someone… Read More »

Ubuntu A World Without Money

If money makes the world go round why is it that we live in a world of conflict, war, famine and chaos? Do you think money has something to do with this? Money is just a means of exchange. It is people who cannot handle money. That is what I used to think, and in theory… Read More »

My Blog, is it worth your time?

Why would you want to take a look at my blog? There are so many blogs on any given subject. Why me? Let me answer this question for you. Hopefully my answer will convince you. What sets apart my blog from any other blog is that it mainly deals with the subject of information itself.… Read More »

Bitcoin versus Maidsafe

What maidsafe can do for the information world bitcoin can do for the world of finance. Maidsafe is still unknown to the majority of people. Bitcoin is a word that most people have heard about. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they know what it is, let alone what its implications are, but they heard or… Read More »

Freedom of information?

Is this real freedom or is it a curse? As we live in a dual universe it is always both. There is no freedom without restriction. Freedom means not being restricted. Being restricted means not being free. Total freedom cannot exist in a dual universe as it would lack restriction. There is always a gradient… Read More »

Vital Info on gardening

We live in uncertain times. A lot is happening and it isn’t all good. We don’t know what the future holds for us but why not do some preparation just in case things run out of control. Food is a basic necessity. Why not grow some of your own food. It is far more easy… Read More »

Bad News

Should we avoid bad news in an attempt to reduce stress? I was asking myself this question as in some self help programs this seems to be what is advised. Turn off the television and the radio and don’t read newspapers. You will feel a lot better when you do this, is what some of… Read More »

The Fair Phone

Imagine the fabrication of a mobile phone where the electronic waist problem is taken into account and due care taken for factory workers. It is an initiative of people from the country I was born: The Netherlands. The first version of the fair Phone is now available. You can order one as supplies last. When… Read More »

The Centralization of Power

There is a danger in this phenomenon that is not recognized by enough people. When power is centralized it tends to take away responsibility from the people who are under the influence of that power. For many years now we have seen this phenomenon in society were companies are taken over by branch related companies… Read More »