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By | March 11, 2016

If money makes the world go round why is it that we live in a world of conflict, war, famine and chaos? Do you think money has something to do with this?

Money is just a means of exchange. It is people who cannot handle money. That is what I used to think, and in theory this is correct. However, the way the money system was set up is an entirely different story that, to some degree, explains why we cannot deal with money in a sane manner.

Money was introduced to humanity a long time ago by a minority of people with a specific purpose. The purpose was, and still is, to divide and rule.

We live on an abundant planet. There is no shortage of anything to live an abundant life as a human species. We have technology to create abundance in anything imaginable, yet the majority of people live in poverty. The reason for this is not hard to find. It can be summed up in one word: exploitation.

There are different meanings of the word exploitation. As you can guess, I mean this one:

Exploitation = the action or fact of treating others unfairly in order to benefit from their work.

This is why money was invented: to create a master and slave society. The rich and the pour. The few that exploit, dominate and rule the many.

And now we have come to think we cannot survive without money. And because we have been brainwashed to think this way we cannot conceive of a different perspective.

The first question we should ask ourselves is: ‘What does money represent?’ An honest answer to this question would be that money represents products and services. In our current monetary system things have become complicated beyond belief. Money has become a highly sophisticated control system that is currently running out of control.

The second obvious question we should ask ourselves is: ‘Who is producing these products and services?’ The honest answer to that question would be the people. Products and services are produced for the people by the people. In our current society most products and services are decided upon by mega corporations with the main intention to make as much profit as possible. Still, the people produce all products and services for the people. Profit has become more important than the products and services produced. Profit is money, money is business, and business is money. That is how crooked our thinking about money has become.

The third question then would be: ‘Do people need money to produce products and services for the people?’ You want an honest answer? Well, the honest answer to this question is: ‘No!’

People will produce products and services for themselves and others to maintain their standard of living. People are creative creatures that will produce everything imaginable if given a chance to do so. However, when you look at the current state of affairs you might come to a different conclusion.

Most people don’t like to do a nine to five job. They do it anyway because they need the money to pay the bills and have some fun. To them work is not fun. But they must work to earn money so they can have some fun when they’re not at work. Outside their boring nine to five job they can be creative and have fun with the money they earned.

If there was no money needed to pay the bills people could be creative all the time. All things they needed to be creative with would be for free. All things they needed to uphold their standard of living would be for free as well. All human resources would be for free.

They would need to contribute to their community, but their contribution could be things they like to do. They could have fun contributing. When the community is big enough there would be work to everyone’s liking.

Now, let us take this a step further by asking ourselves an even more important question. Is money hindering human evolution? The answer to this question is a plain and simple: ‘yes’! Not money itself but the current monetary system could probably be considered as the root of all evil.

The monetary system has been stopping human evolution for thousands of years. Without it we have a level playing field. When there is no money, all contributions that help sustain or improve a civilization become equally important. Whether you are a garbage man or a pilot, it doesn’t matter. Both contributions would be equally appreciated.

In a moneyless society there are no masters and slaves. People will create in abundance because they can do what they like to do as long as it is a contribution toward their community and it is not harmful to their surroundings and the environment in general.

Have you noticed that since many years now there has been a centralisation of power. You see it in the business world but also in politics. More and more descision power is taken away from the common people and put in the hands of governments and huge multinational corporations that have the governments in their pocket. This makes it easier for a very small minority to exploit the majority. That is what money can do when we use it as a means of exchange. We need to decentralize and get rid of the money system in order to remedy the current state of affairs. There simply is no other way to get out of this money trap.

To bring a moneyless society into existence, a good plan is needed. This is the Ubuntu Contributionism plan. You owe it to yourself, your family and your fellow man to learn about the Ubuntu philosophy.

It is a simple philosophy that everyone can understand. It has the potential to take humanity out of the mess it is in, and skyrocket its evolution towards unimaginable heights.

On the other hand, if we keep tolerating the monetary master and slave system, we may cause so much harm to ourselves and the environment that living here on earth could easily become a living hell. For many of us it already is.

We don’t need money. We need to learn to cooperate with each other. We don’t need competion we need to contribute towards a better world.

When you study the Ubuntu philosophy you will be amazed how simple it can be to turn things around for the better for everyone. Don’t take my word for it. Get a hold of the Ubuntu e-book and join the Ubuntu movement.

Let us make this world a better place by implementing the Ubuntu plan. We can all participate in it, and we should for if we don’t life could become a pretty rough scene for the billions of people inhabiting the earth.

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    1. Adriaan Post author

      There is the one small town plan but so far there are no communities yet that you can join as far as I know. I advise you to visit their website and get more informed.


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