Someone angry at you? Now what?

By | February 9, 2017

When we become angry we become angry. Allow me to explain. When the angry response is severe enough the person exhibiting this emotion has become the emotion. The awareness unit that we are has been taken over by emotion entirely.

Why is this important to understand?

When you deal with such a situation where someone gets mad at you what can you do? You cannot try to talk some sense into him/her as there is no one there. There is no awareness unit. That is to say: ‘awareness has become emotion entirely’. Awareness consists of intention, attention and emotion. When intention and attention fall out of the equation only emotion shows itself.

When we are angry we cannot at the same time be attentive. In an angry mood we are also not very able to work toward what we want to accomplish. It takes tremendous effort to reach a goal when you are angry. Anger can help you sometimes to overcome fear as fear vibrates at a lower level in comparison with anger.

Extreme anger can make communication impossible. In order for your communication to come across there must be some willingness to receive it and a degree of attentiveness toward the source of the communication.

So, what can you do when someone is mad at you? Doing nothing is as unacceptable to the person being mad as doing something. Well, to my knowledge, the best thing you can do is to disconnect. Turn your back and leave. Take a walk around the block. You simply have to wait until the person let go of his anger.

The thing not to do is to become angry yourself as that will cause an escalation of the situation. This might be difficult as an angry person can really jump on your weak points and so create anger in you. Therefore leaving is a better solution in many cases. Not reacting is a better solution than reacting.

When the anger is not too extreme, meaning some input is still possible, you can communicate to the person as long as you don’t exhibit negative emotions in your communication. If you can’t stay free of negative emotions it is best to leave as long as necessary for the person to come to his senses.

When two people get mad at each other they usually try to trigger as many weak spots on each other as they can. The emotion of anger has than evolved into the emotion of antagonism. This is an emotion where you want to hit a target outside of yourself. Anger is a more repressed emotion. When you communicate to an angry person that person will usually become antagonistic toward you.  Antagonism is a more outward emotion but it is still a form of anger.

I hope this information is somewhat useful to you.



2 thoughts on “Someone angry at you? Now what?

  1. rens

    for the generation of all negative emotions including anger, one action is required. In all cases you disagree with something or someone. Presences at that moment creates the unwanted emotion. Disagreements or disagreements are made by consideration. So by the person himself.
    And so all problems from someone’s past about sadness, anger, etc.
    are there because the person in question has made them yourself. You become physical
    force enforced? No. Seen from the highest level of responsibility, someone can only draw the conclusion that he has done it himself. So stop putting yourself in the unwanted emotions!

  2. Adriaan Post author

    Thank you for your respons on my article. I agree with what you state in it.


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