My Blog, is it worth your time?

By | February 14, 2015

Why would you want to take a look at my blog? There are so many blogs on any given subject. Why me?

Let me answer this question for you. Hopefully my answer will convince you.

What sets apart my blog from any other blog is that it mainly deals with the subject of information itself.

Why is that important?

There is an overload of information, interesting or not depending on what your interests are.

There, however, is a type of information that needs your special attention. I call this vital information. I defined it as follows:

Information that offers possibilities to improve human relations and circumstances without creating too much damage to other life forms and nature in general.

This is what my blog is all about. The above definition encompasses all that really matters.

Vital information will give you an inside into the bigger picture. It is the type of information that everyone needs. It is information that you should grant top priority. It should not be allowed to get diluted with other types of information. It should stand on its own. In that way it will remain honest and trustworthy.

Vital information products are products that live up to the definition of vital information. Find out about these vital info products, some might once save your life or that of your loved ones.

This is not a regular blog. It carries a very important message. I hope you are willing to take a serious look at it and above all act on what you will learn.

You too can help sources of vital information to get their vital info products in the hands of customers and make a living while doing it. You can become a vital info product affiliate as I call it. I cannot think of a more honest and rewarding job.

Read through all the pages and articles on vital information and you will get the general idea. Ask me any questions you might have. I will do what I can to assist you if you want to become a vital info product affiliate (VIPA) for short. Welcome on my blog. Let’s improve the human experience for everyone.

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