Bitcoin versus Maidsafe

By | February 14, 2015

What maidsafe can do for the information world bitcoin can do for the world of finance. Maidsafe is still unknown to the majority of people. Bitcoin is a word that most people have heard about. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they know what it is, let alone what its implications are, but they heard or read the word somewhere.

When you haven’t heard of maidsafe do yourself a favor and search for it on the web. You can also read my article on it to get a quick impression of what it is about. There is an income opportunity in maidsafe that you might want to know about.

Maidsafe will go life later this year. You might want to take advantage of what it has to offer. When you are good with computers you might even want to help create the new internet that Maidsafe promises to establish.

So what is bitcoin and how can it effect the money system and the world of banking?

Not an easy question to answer. I will give you some idea of it. However there is a wealth of information that you can study on the internet. Not always easy to understand I must admit.

My intention with this article is just to let others know that there is something going on in the world of finance that could revolutionize the entire world economy.

When you know about bitcoin this article is not for you. It is meant for the uninformed.

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency.

This means internet money that is in control of the users and not the world of banking. It will give us the possibility to decentralize power. It will entice people to become more responsible for their actions.

Will it be used for evil or will it be used for good? As with any tool it can be used for both. But that is no reason to forbid the use of it. You don’t forbid the use of a knife because you can kill someone with it, do you?

Learn more about bitcoin. When the financial system gets us in trouble we have an alternative payment system we can trust. The video below explains it in a somewhat understandable fashion.

Bitcoin explained

Both Maidsafe and Bitcoin have the potential to decentralize power. They level the playing field, so to speek.

We all know that power corrupts. A decentralized information system and a decentralized digital currency in use planet wide will do away with the hierarchical structure of management. The implications of this is mindboggling.

When the power is with the masses what will the masses do with that power. The power elite will probably think we, the people, will make a dogs breakfast out of it. Not that they do such a good job. We simply have to prove them wrong.

In a decentralized organizational system we cannot blame our leaders as we are the leaders. We cannot just follow orders without thought for consequences as so many of us do now. Whether mankind is up to such a challenge nobody knows.

We better shape up and have a go at it for the all mighty elite will not create a better world. If they had wanted a better world for everyone we sure would live in one.

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