The Centralization of Power

By | January 10, 2015

There is a danger in this phenomenon that is not recognized by enough people. When power is centralized it tends to take away responsibility from the people who are under the influence of that power.

For many years now we have seen this phenomenon in society were companies are taken over by branch related companies to form bigger companies. This resulted in many of the multi nationals we see to day.

Slowly but surely humanity has been coaxed into taking less and less responsibility for the companies and organizations they are involved in.

We now seem to live in a civilization where everyone works for his own pay check and will only revolt if it endangers that pay check.

When you ask these people questions like:”Is your company or organization of real benefit to humanity as a whole?” or “Are the products of your company not creating too much environmental damage?” they will point to their leaders as if it is only their responsibility.

They work for money and don’t care what their actions bring about.

In their sphere of influence they can still be brilliant. The creation of the atom bomb is a technical breakthrough of some magnitude. The result when used is devastating.

Can a policeman be held responsible for protecting a criminal political leader because it is in the line of his duty? I think he is responsible. In fact I think everyone is responsible for everything he does.

What is needed in this world is a decentralization of power.

We can divide people in two categories. One category are leaders and the other are followers.

The biggest mistake a follower can make is to trust his leader without question. The biggest mistake a leader can make is to follow his leader, if he has one, without question or care for consequences.

This is the attitude that can cause conflict, war, famine and destruction on a massive scale. Nothing can be more destructive then this attitude. The devastating results of it becoming more visible by the day.

What do we mean by decentralization of power?

What this means is that we all should be accountable for our actions. No more pointing to leaders. When the outcome of our actions are destructive to our fellow man or nature in general we are responsible for it as we did it.

It is not the leader that caused the damage. It is the follower that executes his orders that is doing the actual damage. This is the harsh reality that the follower, which is the majority, has to come to grips with. When this happens we live in a different world.

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