The Fair Phone

By | January 13, 2015

Imagine the fabrication of a mobile phone where the electronic waist problem is taken into account and due care taken for factory workers. It is an initiative of people from the country I was born: The Netherlands.

The first version of the fair Phone is now available. You can order one as supplies last. When they run out you will have to wait until the second version comes out. This could be the beginning of a new era in the economy were ethical production is the name of the game instead of the focus on profit only.

This is no longer acceptable don’t you agree?

We simply cannot go on dumping our e-waste in nature.

It makes my hart sing when I see these kind of initiatives. The Fair Phone company deserves your support. I hope they will use an affiliate program in the future so the Vital Info Product Affiliate of the future can give this company a hand and help make this initiative known to the world.

Take a look at their website if you like. This company seems to produce what I call a Vital Info Product. In other words a product that adheres to the definition of Vital Information. This is what my website is all about.


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