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By | January 21, 2019

Do you follow the News? What news do you follow?

Why do you follow the news?

These are important questions, more important than you might think at first glance.

There are roughly speaking two categories of news outlets. They are called the main stream media and the alternative media. What these media channels offer can than be split into three more categories.

  • Information of vital importance
  • Information to entertain people
  • Information to divide people

Both the main stream media and the alternative media are heavily infiltrated by the ruling elite. The latter maybe somewhat less but not much. Objective info is hard to get these days. In many cases there is a hidden agenda behind the distribution of information. Even in the entertainment industry we can see satanic symbolism and other derogatory influences.

Information that divides people make that they oppose each other. Thus we have quarrels, terrorism and on a bigger scale war. By creating division among people they become much easier to manage. You just have to make sure you have control over all the opposing parties. You can do that by infiltrating them with your people. Divide and rule! That is how the saying goes.

All information gets into the unconscious mind. The mind we are all connected with. The information in there can form behavior patterns that are outside the control of the individual. When these patterns are going against common sense and become active they can result in a lot of chaos and misery.

Do you really have to know what is going on in the world? What is going on is just more of the same, followers blindly following leaders. Leaders blindly following their leaders etc.. It has been going on for ages.

Just because suppression can take on many colors doesn’t mean you have to know them all. Suppression is what is going on. The suppression of vital information and the suppression of people that want to take responsibility to be more precise.

Nothing will change until followers stop blindly following their leaders. Until they stop supporting their leaders. Until the leaders stop supporting their leaders and start to take responsibility in their own sphere of influence. With taking responsibility I mean taking care of yourself others and the environment and stop the people that work against this by not supporting them. All information that has the potential to bring this about I consider vital information.

We are not supposed to support or follow leaders. Leaders are supposed to support people who want to take responsibility.

There are more than enough people telling us what goes wrong in the world. And we, the people, keep thinking that our leaders will correct things if we support them. It should be the other way around. We correct things and leaders support us in doing so.

When leaders don’t want to support the people that want to take responsibility for their environment we have to find leaders that will. Leaders not supportive of people taking responsibility for their surroundings are suppressive leaders.

They will lead you away from taking responsibility and thus enslave you. Again taking responsibility in my opinion includes all life and the environment that supports it.

This is my definition of vital information:

Information that has the potential to improve human relations and circumstances without causing too much damage to the environment.

There are underlying causes that make us want to follow the news that you might not be aware of. I made an effort to analyze and clarify this in my free E-book “Vital Information the Key to a Better World”. This analysis is far from complete. There is so much going on to influence the human species that a complete analyses would fill more pages then you can count.

Should you follow the news in order to know what is going on in the world?

I think you’re not only wasting your time but you also allow yourself to be influenced big time. There is plenty vital information that you can use to take effective action. When you use above definition as your yardstick how can you go wrong? You could still follow the news but it will loose its stronghold on you.

To really know what is going on in the world you will have to become a bit of a researcher yourself. There definitely are many good researchers and you can read up on their findings but how can you know whether they are giving you facts and not fiction. Very often they, unwittingly, give you a combination of the two.

You will not find much reliable information when you just follow some alternative media outlets. It is not reliable as it usually is a mix of reliable and unreliable data.

For most people it would be best to concentrate on solutions that can improve their current circumstances always using the definition of vital information as their yardstick.

Consider this article vital information as it might put you on the road to become active in using vital information and thus help create a better world. I can’t think of a better plan to start with then this one.

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