Is it all an illusion?

By | July 22, 2019

In my article on vertical time I gave my view on existence. I consider existence to consist of at least 6 elements. I give them again in this article for you to ponder upon.

Time, Space, Energy, Matter, Form and Event.

That is what existence consists of to the best of my knowledge. I simply cannot conceive of existence without these elements. Can you?

If you haven’t read my article on vertical time it is advisable to read it before you read this article.

We need Time and Space for Energy or Matter to show itself as Form. Without these 5 elements co-existing we cannot have an Event as the sixth element. Sound could be a seventh element. It could be seen as the element of vibration. Some research tends to confirm that sound is the creator of Form. However, sound is also a form of energy and energy is all about vibration. As I explained in my article on vertical time, all elements of existence seem to overlap each other to quite an extent.

Existence is one grand Event of which the seize is unfathomable. Seen from an exterior viewpoint we can become aware of an uncountable number of Events that seem to happen all at once. Much like flying above a big city.If you look down from the plane you can see enormous activity consisting of uncountable Events happening at the same time.

If you are riding your bike in that same city you can still become aware of several Events happening at the same time. If you go sit in that city on a terrace and you talk to someone only that Event and probably some of your surroundings form part of your existence.

What you see is what you get. Or to be more precise, what you are aware of exists. A viewpoint is a point from which you view. We, as spirits or souls, are all unique because we assume viewpoints different from each other. That is what makes us unique. A soul can house a spirit but doesn’t have to as I will explain further in this article.

There is a second reason we as spirits or souls are all unique. We all operate on different levels of awareness. We all experience things in a different way. Sometimes it’s only slightly different but none the less different.

It is the way we look at things that determines our unique level of awareness. Awareness consists of Intention, Attention and Emotion. The basic Intention is to create. Through Attention, we become aware of creation. By experiencing what we create we generate Emotion.

For a spirit to become aware it has to take on a viewpoint. Without taking on a viewpoint a spirit cannot exist within existence. Existence, awareness and creation are all pretty much the same thing.

As stated before, the soul is an energy body that can house a spirit. The soul body can offer a spirit a point from which to view. The soul can exist (create, be aware) without a spirit much the same as the ego can exist (create, be aware) without interference of the soul. To take this further, the physical body can exist (create, be aware) without interference of a spirit, soul, or ego.

There are lower levels of awareness where only the physical body and its mind can exist (create, be aware). The soul and the ego are present but have zero effect on the mind body complex, except for allowing its existence.

The spirit can be present as well and when it is, it has zero effect on the mind body complex either. This could be considered as the lowest level of existence (creation, awareness).

To get a better understanding of the lower levels of awareness you could take a look at the lowest part of the awareness scale that you can find here. Click on Expanded Awareness Scale and check out the bottom of this scale. To gain a full understanding of this scale you could read my e-book “Awareness, The Road To Knowing”. You find this E-book in the list of free e-books

The ego is a mental construct that defines who you are. We also call it our personality. It is build out of experiences and circumstances starting from the day you were born.

The soul without a physical body or etheric body could be seen as a sphere of light. Within the center of this sphere there is a zero energy point that can be used by a spirit to take on a viewpoint and become aware. A spirit contains no energy or mass. I believe a spirit to be a desire to know. This is more fully explained in “My Philosophy About Life” that you can find here.

According to the Penre Papers the soul consists of billions of nano sized fires that can be used to form etheric bodies from which the soul can become aware. Becoming aware means to exist. Existence is a creative process. We create what we become aware of.

The hardest thing to get our heads around is the fact that existence is a creative process as we have to create what we see before we can see it. It can best be seen as a projection. I tend to agree with the research of Wes Penre and Ariel Glad where it states that only the spirit is capable of creating existence in a creative manner. The soul can alter its projections but seems unable to create an entirely new projection. A soul can copy and alter a projection from a spirit but that is as far as its ability seems to go. In other words a soul needs a spirit to genuinely create.

We project our reality similar to a projector projecting a film. Does that mean that existence is an illusion?

Some people tend to think that when it is all an illusion nothing really exists. Those people seem to misunderstand the word illusion. We find this error in thinking widely spread throughout the book A Course in Miracles.

An illusion is ”something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality”. Taken from

Is a film not giving you a misleading impression of reality? Does that mean that the film doesn’t exist?

Don’t tell me that existence doesn’t exist. It does, however the way it appears is somewhat misleading. Isn’t it? We think there is a real world outside of us. It is however just a holographic projection from a viewpoint. The projection is what we call existence. The film is real and a 3D film is even more real.

I told you it isn’t easy to get this straight. We are so much into the film called life that we can’t see anymore that we are projecting every bit of it.

So, is it all an illusion? Yes it is, but that illusion is projected reality and that is the only reality there is. Existence exists, only in a different way then we think it exists. It is the holographic projection that is real just as the film is real.

What about the soul. Does the soul exist or is it too just a projection. The soul is the projector and the movie director. The spirit is the script writer. The soul and the spirit are just as real or maybe even more real than the projections they produce.

This is what I think about all this. I don’t present this information as fact. I offer this as a possible explanation of existence. I encourage you to think about it yourself and come to your own conclusions.

I have included elements that I learned from the Penre Papers and Video’s
because they ring true to me. Whether these elements or my thinking is true is for you to decide.

I hope this information will be of some assistance to those of you who search for clarifications about the deeper expects of life.

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