STRESS Vital Info Subject Nr.3

By | December 19, 2014

Every subject has its basics. This is information on which other information is build. When the basics of a subject are unknown or not well understood the subject itself will become complex and illogic will enter in.

I made an attempt to analyze the basics of stress and I came up with the following. Letme see if you can agree with this.

Stress is tension. Tension comes about through a state of balance between a force and a counter force. The force and counter force must be of equal strength. To my knowledge this is all there is to it. Basics are always simple. The complexity comes about when we start building information on the basics. The illogical complexities come about when we have wrong basics, incomplete basics or no basics at all.

I would like to divide stress in the following categories:

• physical undue stress
• physical due stress
• mental undue stress
• mental due stress

When stress is undue we suffer and when stress is due we can function in the most optimum way.

There, of course, is a gradient scale between due and undue stress. There is a point where due stress goes over into undue stress. This is different for everybody.

We are sometimes inclined to belief that stress is a bad thing. This is not the case. Undue stress doesn’t have to be a bad thing either. This all depends on whether you are able to overcome it or not.

When you climb a mountain a lot of undue stress might befall you but when you reach the top all undue stress will be gone. We humans evolve by overcoming undue stress but only if we are willing to learn from the experience.

No matter what situation you find yourself in, you will experience it as due or undue stress.
I belief that all stressful situations (undue stress) that enter our life’s, we become involved with for a reason. And the reason is to learn how to transform these situations in due stress situations.

Sometimes we wonder why we always seem to fall into the same trap. We didn’t learn what we had to learn from this trap so we keep experiencing the same situation until we learn how to deal with it.

We can always learn from a bad situation unless we don’t want to. If we don’t want to learn from it we will be confronted with it until our dying day.

It is a choice only the person himself can make. No one can do it for him.
Just my opinion. Feel free to comment on this article. Maybe we can come to an even better understanding of this subject when you contribute your thoughts on this.

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