EDUCATION Vital Info Subject nr.1

By | December 18, 2014

We humans need far more education if we compare us with our friends in the animal kingdom. There is no doubt about that. In fact, due to the rapid changing world we live in today, we are more and more growing accustomed to being educated throughout our entire lifespan.

Education is the first subject of a series of 10 subjects on which vital information should be spread worldwide. If we used more vital information to educate people instead of useless facts,  human civilization would improve beyond our wildest dreams.

For those who have not read any of the other articles on vital information I will clarify what I mean with this expression. I consider vital information a type of information that is of vital importance to the survival and wellbeing of humanity. It is information that, when used, will not be too harmful towards nature. In other words it is a type of information that has the potential to bring man more in balance with nature and also more in balance with each other.

This can only be attained through education. Without education the human civilization would be lost and cease to exist in a very short order.

Education is a vast subject containing many different aspects. For me what counts the most is do we educate ourselves and others on vital information? Because only vital information will produce the desired improvements for all live and livingness on planet earth.

As you might realise by now, the importance of education on vital information can hardly be overstated.

I encourage you to read all the articles on vital information. Your life and that of your friends and family might someday depend on being able to differentiate between vital information and all other forms of information. If you can learn yourself and others how to recognize and use vital information you have acquired the only skill needed to thrive and help others do so too.

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