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The subject of “information” has caught my interest for quite some years now. I belief we do not evaluate information as we should. We usually value information when it is beneficial to ourselves or to our loved once.

We also evaluate information on the type of emotional response it produces in us. We consider it valuable when we feel attracted to it or we consider it of less value when we feel rejection toward it.

This is also one of the main reasons we watch “the news” or read newspapers. We are addicted to emotions that cause attraction or rejection. We then come to conclusions on a somewhat subconscious level. This causes a short sighted view of things.

The subject of information has many ramifications. It is a broad subject that effects us every second of our lives. Information is at the root of all creation. We therefore need to improve our understanding of it.

We now live in the information age. We are bombarded with all kinds of information from a ray of different information gadgets. Evaluating information has never been of more importance.

In order to do this we need a sensible yard stick. The yard sticks mentioned in the beginning of this article just doesn’t cut it anymore. We can no longer value information just because it serves us or it makes us feel in a certain way.

To evaluate information in a sensible way we need to use a different yard stick. The yard stick I came up with is what I call the definition of vital information.

Vital information =

Information that offers possibilities to improve human relations and circumstances without creating too much damage to other life forms and nature in general.

To me this is the only sensible yard stick there is. We need to learn how to differentiate between information in general and vital information as per above definition and act accordingly. Only then can we improve things and make this world a better place.

I would like to invite you to think this over. Feel free to respond on this article. I value your opinion. Any and all feedback is welcome.

2 thoughts on “INFORMATION

  1. Dave

    Very interesting play on the word information. I think that most people, while desiring information, often times don’t know what to do with it once they have it! So, I would add the idea of wisdom (the practical application of information) to the mix and see where it leads you!

    1. Adriaan Post author

      Thank you Dave. I appreciate your thought on this. Without application there is not much value in information. So I agree with you,


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