Physical Health Vital Info Subject nr. 6

By | January 2, 2015

There is so much conflicting information on this subject that it becomes confusing for most people. When things become complex the thing to do is to go for the basics. As explained in the article on subject nr. 3 things become complex and illogical when the basics of a subject are unknown, only partly known or misunderstood.

I like to do an attempt to list the basics of physical health. I do not pretend to be right about this at all. I just like to use some common sense and see how far I get with it.

Here is what I can come up with. See what you think about it.
I call it the prerequisites for physical health.

1. Having a positive mindset.
2. Having the willingness to contribute.
3. Believing in the purposes you set out to reach.
4. Due stress
5. Sunlight
6. Unpolluted air
7. Unpolluted drinking water
8. Unpolluted and non GMO food containing sufficient quantities of vitamins, minerals and all other substances needed for physical grow, maintenance and repair.
9. Shelter
10. Sufficient physical motion.
11. Sufficient sleep.
12. Being physically connected with the earth’s surface.

This is what I think to be the basics of physical health. These 12 points do need some clarification and I will therefore explain them briefly.

But first I would like you to look at the sequence. I tried to put them in a certain sequence. I tried to put them in a gradient scale of importance. I don’t know whether I succeeded in this. If you have a better idea let me know.

Without a positive mindset nothing works well. If you want to improve your physical health your will not succeed without a positive mindset. So, to me, this is priority number one.

Negative thinking we could see as the absolute rock bottom basic cause of a decline in physical health or any decline for that matter.

You cannot keep a positive mindset when you are unwilling to contribute. When you have a negative mindset you will be unwilling to contribute. In other words if you want to become or remain physically healthy you need to work towards a positive mindset that will give you the willingness to contribute.

Positive, contributing people set out purposes in which they belief. When you don’t take sufficient action on what you want to achieve you will wind up with a negative mindset even if your mindset was positive at the outset.

If you don’t belief me do some self inspection. Take a look at your past and see if you can find a purpose you failed to reach. Did you have a positive mindset to start with? Did you take sufficient action to achieve what you wanted to achieve? If you didn’t you probably wound up with a negative mindset on that particular purpose.

When your physical health is in jeopardy and you feel you should do something about it but nothing can put you on track you have a negative mindset. You might not be aware of this but you do.

If you don’t belief you can become healthy it will be very hard or maybe even impossible for you to become healthy. If you have cancer and your doctor says you have only 2 months to live and you agree with him you might as well start preparing for your funeral.

Undue stress can harm your mental health as well as your physical health but mainly when you fail to accomplish what you set out to accomplish.

Number 5 to 11 are pretty obvious but number 12 might need some clarification.
We life in a polluted world. And the pollution is far more serious than most of us are willing to admit. One aspect of pollution is radiation. Due to all these advances in communication technology we are surrounded with it practically all day and night. I read about a simple solution to this health problem.
When we get in physical contact with the earth, like when you walk on your bare foods on the earth and I mean the earth itself, not an asphalt road, most radiation will not affect you.
Because walking on bare foot is not an option these days for most people gadgets have been invented to keep your body in contact with the earth despite the isolating type of shoes we are wearing.

I think I will try these sometime.

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