Leadership Vital Info Subject Nr. 7

By | January 4, 2015

In every organization, from the family to a nation or beyond, we find leaders leading the way. Leadership is what determines the standard of living. Where we find a low standard of living we find poor leadership.

A standard of living, in my opinion, shouldn’t be determined by wealth only. There are many factors that contribute toward the standard of living.

Clean air, healthy food, clean drinking water, sufficient clothing and shelter, the cleanest possible energy, effective education and concern for the environment are basic necessities that determine the real standard of living. Good leaders will lead their people towards ensuring these basic needs for all people under their influence. Bad leaders will, of course, do the direct opposite.

What makes a good leader? What are his or her qualities? How do we recognize a good leader from a bad leader? These are important questions in today’s world. We have an awful lot of bad leaders leading their followers toward absolute misery and starvation.

This opens an enormous opportunity for all who are suffering under this leadership. The victims of bad leadership can make better decisions. They can decide to stop supporting bad leaders and become better leaders themselves.

Before people will stop supporting bad leadership they need to be able to recognize it. Well, that is the easy part. They just need to answer above questions.

Here you have my opinion on these three questions. I think a good leader will lead his followers toward ensuring the basic needs as mentioned above. A good leader will not tolerate activities that undermine these basics. A good leader will not use his power over others for his own personal gain or status. He will not see himself as more important than those executing his plans or visions. A good leader will not allow himself to be led astray. He will only give up on his plans or visions when it becomes apparent they can endanger the survival of man or life in general.

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