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By | February 11, 2015

We live in uncertain times. A lot is happening and it isn’t all good. We don’t know what the future holds for us but why not do some preparation just in case things run out of control.

Food is a basic necessity.

Why not grow some of your own food. It is far more easy than you would expect.

What I am about to let you in on is mind blowing!!!

This information is more than vital. It is so powerful that the application of it on a worldwide scale could feed every man, woman and child on earth. Malnutrition would be an idea of the past.

Just imagine having a garden in your house or anywhere you want, taking up very little space. No work involved, beside for setting it up. It will cost you next to nothing.

Once your setup is complete what is left is sowing and harvesting. You water your plants every other week or so.

The man who came up with this invention is a professor and lives in Belgium, the same country I live in. He has a website that is worth studying. The knowledge you can attain might once safe your life.

You might think, what is all the fuss about. There is plenty of food in the supermarkets. Well, this might be true but I am telling you that you can do much better than farmers who deliver their produce to supermarkets.

Don’t forget that most vegetables are sprayed with toxins and bio food is expensive. Beside all this, setting up a bottle tower garden is great fun and very easy to do.

There is one thing that you should take into consideration when you want to set up your bottle tower garden. When you place your construction outside you will still have your plants sprayed with toxic elements.

Many people are still not aware of the chemtrails that airplanes spray. If you don’t know about this you better do some research on the net. These toxic particles coming from airplanes will settle on your plants.

It is advisable to setup your bottle tower garden indoors or in a greenhouse. When you do set it up outside you can still clean your produce from all toxins. The best solution I know of is to clean your fruit and vegetables in Adya Clarity water. You need only 5 ml Adya Clarity for 5 liter water. You leave your produce in this mix for about 24 hours and all toxins are gone.

When you buy fruit or vegetables that are sprayed with pesticides you can eliminate these toxins in the same manner.

You can find Adya Clarity on the Internet and order it in a web shop. It is somewhat expensive but you don’t need much and you can reuse your cleaning water for approximately 8 months. The water will become dirty but that doesn’t mean that it no longer detoxifies. You can also clean your drinking water with it.

I have no affiliation with any of this. I consider it vital info and that is the only reason for sharing it with you.

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