Making Money Online

When you are looking on the internet for an opportunity to earn an additional income or when you look for a way to start your own internet business you will run into three words everywhere you look.

“Making Money Online”

When you google this keyword you get just about 559 million business opportunities. When you google the following keyword:

“Earn Money Online”

you only get 84,8 million hits. When you then look at a number of these opportunities you will notice that, instead of “Earning Money Online” “Making Money Online” is used in approximately 80% of the opportunities offered under the keyword “Earning Money Online”.

That puts the number of hits on the “Making Money Online” keyword around 627 million.
This should tell you something. “Making Money Online” is a very popular keyword. Why do you think the keyword “Making Money Online” is so much more popular then “Earning money online”?

The word “earning” implies having to work for it. People don’t like the idea of working for your money. They rather get money for doing nothing or doing practically nothing. That’s why people buy lottery tickets. They like to have without doing much in return.

Getting as much as possible for doing or giving as little as possible in return is the attitude of most people who search for a business opportunity online. This I call the lottery attitude.

Is it any wonder that there are so many, so called, “business opportunities” (scams) that promise you riches over night? There is a huge market for business scams because of this attitude. People fall for the sails letters that these scam opportunities send out because they want to get rich as quickly as possible, like tomorrow. They have a lottery attitude. I used to have this attitude myself and it cost me dearly.

When you want to start a brick and mortar business you have to invest heavily in time as well as money. When starting such a business with a lottery attitude you haven’t got a prayer. Anyone with some common sense will agree to this.

People who are successful in a brick and mortar business are usually highly motivated or they will not last very long. They will do anything to keep their business flourishing and prosperous. They are passionate about their business. They usually have a lot at stake as well.

Although it has become much less difficult to have your own internet business it still is a business and should be treated as such. If you compare an internet business opportunity with a brick and mortar business opportunity the internet business opportunity is a walk in the park.

Still, the internet business has quite a learning curve. When you want a lower learning curve and still want to earn descent money affiliate marketing is the best option.

The first thing you have to do is to get rid of the lottery attitude. Even when you want to set up an affiliate marketing business, which has the lowest learning curve, you need to become product/service minded.

What I mean by that is that you need to have the desire to deliver high quality products or services to customers in your niche. You want happy customers. That should be your main target.

You need to choose a niche you feel passionate about or at least have some interest in. You need to have or obtain sufficient knowledge about your niche.

The reason for me writing about this is that I want to give people an honest view of what they can expect when they consider using the internet to “make money”. My advice is not to go for money. Go for happy customers and the money will take care of itself.

I didn’t write all this to disappoint you. It really is possible to set up your own online business. You really can work from home and make a decent income. And it isn’t hard to do. You do need to invest in your business. Your need to invest time and some money. Much more time than money. You need the right education and support. You need a company to support you that wants to make you into an happy customer. A customer that will succeed in his or her online adventure.

Wealthy Affiliate is such a company.

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